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My Facebook Friends.

My Facebook Friends' a Picture Book in a Comic Book style by Kavita Singh Kale, Transmedia Artist and Co-Founder of Underground Worm Studio

If you want to meet different people from across the world, then ‘My Facebook Friends’ is the right book to look out for !
‘My Facebook Friends’ is a 44 pages picture book given a comic style by Transmedia Artist and Co-Founder of Underground Worm Studio, Kavita Singh Kale, a BFA degree holder in painting from College of Art, New Delhi and Post Graduate Degree Holder in Animation Film from National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad.
Kavita started her journey way back in 2006 with her first book ‘Avneet Aunty’s Mobile Phone’, written and illustrated completely by her. With constant self-exploration through video art, painting, sculpture and photography that gets extended to prospective commercial projects, Kavita is always on her toes for bringing out something fresh and best. As a filmmaker, illustrator, author and a visual artist, she believes in learning and experimenting- creating links with ideation and technique in conjunction with science and technology.
Her works have been recognized at coveted art shows and film festivals including video art at VAF@The Guild at The Guild in Mumbai, Film Festival at Hera Gallery in Rhode Island, Video Wednesday II at Gallery Espace in New Delhi; Sculpture/Paintings at Thinking Spaces at Exhibit 320 in New Delhi, Now Asia Contemporary at Uijeongbu Arts Center in Seoul, Circling the Confluence at Indigo Blue Art in Singapore, Roti Kapda Makaanat Ojas Art in New Delhi; and animated shorts at Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France, SIGGRAPH Asia in Singapore.
Targeted at audiences above 10 years and published by Tulika publishers, this book is composed with 10 stories about people who are Kavita’s friends and revolves around stories including a young monk who likes playing football, a professor who has been studying earthworms for 40 years, a textile designer with a passion for tap dancing and wedding planner, school teacher, filmmaker and several more.
Till date Kavita has worked on eleven books by different publishers with ‘My Facebook Friends’ being her second book as an author.
Speaking to’s Zeenia Boatwala about the driving factor behind ‘My Facebook Friends’, Kavita Singh Kale, shares, “My Facebook Friends” is about my ten friends. I am lucky enough to meet some very interesting people from around the world in different places, within the country and overseas. The idea of making a book for children emerged when I started compiling all the details of some friends, who were from diverse background doing very interesting things and more over – trying to push the limits of what they were really passionate about in life.”
The idea of creating this book struck Kavita in the year 2010 and the actual production of the book was started by the end of 2011.Kavita feels that My Facebook Friends is different because it talks about real stories of real people in a comic book format to 10+ kids and the core idea of this book is to give children a holistic view of selected individuals with the main emphasis on ‘People, Places and Objects.
Kavita informs on the process of executing ‘My Facebook Friends’, “With everything falling in place, production began where the layouts of all the pages were sent to the publishers. This included making thumbnails for each story, keeping in mind the importance of composition of the visuals that had to be supported by space allocated for speech bubble. Using the right word and sentences within each speech bubble helped in telling the story in the right manner- was another bit of challenge. The colored pages were sent across to the publisher as and when each story was completed.
Adding more on the inspirational aspect behind ‘My Facebook Friends’, Kavita, shares, “My painting named ‘Facebook’ inspired me to write this book and the entire format of the book is new.”
Kavita has executed the entire designing of layout and illustrations for this book with Niveditha Subramanian, who has been the editor for the book , Adds more, “ the overall look of the book touches the graphic novel feel, I’ve made use of watercolors to hand paint all the illustrations.”
The most attractive element of ‘My Facebook Friends’, according to Kavita is showing the daily activity page of each character, which takes the reader through a wonderful journey of different people.
Priced at INR 200, ‘My Facebook Friends’ is available at all bookstores in India and abroad where Tulika Books are available. Also, you can buy it from Flipkart by logging on to:
Tulika Publishers express their view on the book by saying “My Facebook Friends, comes from Europe, America Africa and Asia, from big cities, from small towns and from tiny villages. With an appeal that cuts across countries, the book draws from the ubiquitous social network media, which young people everywhere relate to instantly. This book colorfully maps diverse lives and stories and explores the lives of real people beyond walls and status messages. For young readers who are free-spirited tourists of the world and need no passport to cross borders, this book has much to offer!”
“The reader can travel the world with ten stories of this book. All 10+ kids and young adults will discover many new things about different places and culture in it. It will also inspire them to travel and follow their heart to do what they really want to do in life”. Concludes, Kavita.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Up Close wth Vivek, Creator of the Aghori Series

One of the new entrants in the Indian Comic Industry, Holy Cow Entertainment has quickly built up a promising library of titles with many more on the way. Launched at Mumbai Film and Comic Convention, their latest book ‘Aghori Book 2’ too seems to be another notch on the block.
Aghori is Holy Cow Entertainment’s First “flagship” offering which represents the comics debut of fantasy / sci-fi writer Ram V, featuring art by Industry Heavyweight Vivek Goel ( Ravanayan, Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks ), Colorist Yogesh Pugaonkar ( Ravanayan, Voltron ) and rising talent, Gaurav Shrivastav.It follows the journey of a man to the depths of hell, to save that which he holds dear.
Before the launch, Comic Con India had recently presented A Special Workshop With Holy Cow Comics in Association With Leaping Windows. The workshop was conducted by Vivek Goel, Founder & Lead Artist, Holy Cow along with Ram V, and Writer of the Aghori Series.
Speaking more on this, Vivek Goel, Founder & Lead Artist, Holy Cow Entertainment  stated,” Aghori is basically HCE’s 1st flagship character, Its writer Ram V who pitched me with the with the idea at the 2011 Mumbai comic con, we later exchanged some mails and then he showed me the synopsis in the meeting. I quite liked it and saw a good potential in it and then him and I started building the aghori universe with him as the writer and myself as the artist.”
“Aghori is a totally uncharted and unexplored territory, most of the laymen does not even have an idea that in order to become a successful aghori and to practice A-GHOR one has to go through 12 “kriyas”. We consider this topic/ book as more educative then entertaining.”
The Aghori Series is priced at INR 140/- for every 56 pg book (each book is a compilation of 2 issues )
“I believe that people need at least a matter for half hour to read for which I decided to fatten the format and compile 2-2 issues of aghori into 1 book and so we ended up with a fat 56 pg each book. Everything changed after that, more investment, more manpower resulting into more risk! But hard work always pays.”
The Aghori series would also be launched on the digital platform soon. The second part of the series was launched at the second annual comic convention at Mumbai, with over 250 copies sold in two days.
Adding more to it he said,” The experience was tremendous, the response we got was overwhelming and surpassed our expectations. We had got a positive response at Bengaluru for the Aghori Book 2 and Mumbai was just the icing on the cake.”
“We are a very small team of 4-5 people for the Aghori series but our commitment and dedication is no less than 12 people. I feel India is a perfect ground for comic series , they need something to hang on, a great cliffhanger that will make them wanting for more and they all love that . You need to plan things in a proper manner when it comes to a series, we are happy that people have given a thumbs up post reading book 2, we have roped a 3rd artist to do cover 3 and the biggest surprise will come with book 4, The cover is already done and its done by the top comic book artist India has ever produced, I am unable to reveal his names but it will be a crazy shock to every one. So, you see HCE will be witnessing a major artistic boom in the first half on 2013.” he concluded.
Their upcoming books include “The Skull Rosary” based on the dark side of Shiva and a 5 issue mini series on the adventures of 2 Bengal tiger cubs stranded on the serengeto plains of Africa.
The Aghori series are now available with and

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LION COMICS/ MUTHU COMICS Working on 456 Pages Tamil Comic Book ‘Never Before Special’
Bringing International comics for the Indian Tamil Audience has been the vision of Muthu Comics since 1972. Lion Comics, a sister publication of Muthu Comics came in to the picture in 1984 and together they bring the best of world comics to the Tamil readers today. Currently they are working on a Tamil comic book titled ‘Never Before Special’, in which one can read through a wide range of International stories including LARGO WINCH, WAYNE SHELTON, Lt.BLUEBERRY, CHICK BILL, GIL JORDAN + STEEL CLAW and JOHN STEEL.

Till date, Lion /Muthu Comics has reprinted numerous International comic titles in Tamil language, including British action comics, American super hero tales, Franco-Belgian classics,  Italian productions ,Dutch creations ,Western cowboy stories  while working on  genres like humor, action thrillers, dramas,  graphic novels,  war tales, horror thrillers ,.super hero stuff and more.
Published by Prakash Publishers, ‘Never before Special’ is being created to mark the celebration of Muthu Comics 40 year legacy in the Tamil comic book world. Lion/Muthu Comics started working on ‘Never before Special’ from September this year and it would be a 456 pages book priced at INR 400.
Speaking to’s Zeenia Boatwala about ‘Never before Special’, S Vijayan, Founder and Editor of Lion Comics shares, “Working with non-English original titles is always walking the tightrope. You can never convince yourself 100% about the story’s strong points with the translated scripts. We seldom create stuff on our own – except for maybe the filler pages. All our productions are reprints are of the best talent that the International Comics world has on offer”
According to S. Vijayan, the toughest part in making the Indian version of an international comic book is to match the expectations of the target audience.  “With internet making the world such a small global village, a comic fan has online access to the very best that the international comic’s world has to offer. So we need to live up to the constant comparisons of our translated editions against the original versions and present them with a wholesome reading package every time.”
S. Vijayan feels that a great amount of reading: research; is very necessary to select suitable stories for the Tamil language versions and also to understand in-depth about the International comic ratings and success.
Adds more, “Since most of our stories are reprints of French; Italian or Dutch originals, reading those originals and understanding the storylines is basically impossible. Hence a lot of stress has to be put on trial translations, conducting appropriate research on storyline and script of the international comics.”
‘Never before Special’ will see its launch on the 5th January Next Year and will be predominantly sold against Pre Bookings the Chennai Book Fair Website and on E-Bay too.
“LION COMICS carries on the tradition established by MUTHU COMICS – on a bigger; bolder canvas. More genres of comics were brought in from several top European publishing houses and together MUTHU COMICS + LION COMICS offer the very best of International comics !Comics for 7-77 is our motto !”, concludes, S. Vijayan.

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Comic Con India Awards

2nd Annual Comic Con India Awards to Honour the Comics Industry of India
COMIC CON INDIA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2013 – A Posthumous award for LATE MARIO MIRANDA, an iconic Indian Cartoonist
3rd Annual Indian Comics Convention will be flagged-off by honoring and felicitating the best Indian Comics and Comics Creators of 2012 with 2nd Annual Comic Con India Awards. Comic Con India Awards 2013 ceremony will be be held in the Capital at India Habitat Centre(IHC) on February 7, 2013.
The 3rd Annual Indian Comics Convention is to be held at Dilli Haat from February 8 – 10, 2013. Comic Con India established in 2011 is country’s only platform which gives boost to the comics and related industries in India.
Comic Con India Awards is an initiative of Comic Con India. CCI Awards aim to recognize the work of all the professionals of India’s Comics Industry. It’s an attempt to bring into focus the novelty of this art form and acknowledge the efforts of numerous writers, artists & publishers in this field.
Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India, says, “CCI Awards aim to recognize the work that the professionals in India’s Comics Industry do.  This is where we honor and felicitate the best Indian Comics and Comics Creators, and give them the recognition they deserve, among their peers.”
Jatin added, “For the awards we are accepting nominations now and am sure jury will have a tough time deciding. Other than the competitive categories we have a special LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD given by Comic Con India. Last year at the 1st CCI Awards, it was given to Mr. R.K.Laxman and this year we will be giving the award to the iconic Indian Cartoonist, Padma Vibhushan Mario Miranda who is no more with us for his exemplary contribution to the industry.”
The jury consists of Mr. Neelabh Banerjee ( Author & Artist), Mr. Vaibhav Kumaresh ( Artist Animator), and Mr. Abhishek Sharma (Writer & Filmmaker). The jury will go through the entries submitted and eventually shortlist them.
  • BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL/COMIC BOOK OF THE YEAR  - (For Comic Book Series Only One Issue Is Eligible To Enter)
  • BEST COVER (Includes illustrated published covers of publications of any genre)
  • BEST WRITER  - (Includes Adaptations)
  • BEST CONTINUING GRAPHIC SERIES (Minimum 2 issues of the series should have been published during the year)
  • BEST CHILDREN’S WRITER (Ages 13 & below)
Entries should be sent to Comic Con India Office. The deadline for receiving the submission is JANUARY 1ST, 2013.
FOR QUERIES Regarding the awards pls feel free to E-MAIL at-awards@COMICCONINDIA.COM
For Queries regarding the grant please free free to E-MAIL at -

Sudershan (Chimpanzee) – A graphic novel by Hachette India

Sudershan (Chimpanzee) – A graphic novel by Hachette India
Launched at the recent Mumbai Film and Comics Convention, Hachette India’s latest offering, Sudershan (Chimpanzee) is a deeply moving and darkly comic tale of a chimp in Bollywood and the creatures – human or otherwise – in his life.
The 124 page graphic novel is written by Mumbai based writer Rajesh Devraj who has previously written The Art of Bollywood (2010) and was the screenwriter of Quick Gun Murugun and Arjun: The Warrior Prince.
The novel is created by Meren Imchen, an animator and illustrator by profession; he has also directed the 2007 National Film Award winner for Best Animation and Direction ‘Nokpoliba’.
The storyline of Sudershan (Chimpanzee) is set in the Hindi film industry of the sixties, when there was a vogue for jungle movies and animal stars. It traces the life of a chimp in this B-movie world, his rise from the circus to Bollywood stardom, his complex relationship with his mentor, and the joys and sorrows and heartbreaks that come his way in this journey.
Speaking to’s Ishpreet Chandock  about the birth of Sudershan (Chimpanzee), Rajesh shares, ”Sudershan first appeared as a six-page comic in Man’s World magazine in their September 2005 issue – this was a kind of preview to the story. A few years later, I showed these pages to an editor at Hachette, who commissioned the book that has now come out. It’s been in the making from 2009, basically because Meren and I have worked on it between many other projects.”
Rajesh has also worked with Channel V‘s Toofan TV, a show on Indian B-movies which was directed by the late Pankaj Advani.
Emphasizes further, “I’ve also written a book on poster art, The Art of Bollywood, where I had uncovered a great deal of B-movie imagery as well. Also, I’ve researched on the various aspects of the Bollywood scene over the years. This book is more a work of imagination, but its background is based on what I’ve learned from my earlier research. Here and there, I’ve also drawn on the filmy characters I’ve met, all the funny, tragic, hilarious stories I’ve heard from them.”
“A book like this requires the artist to put in a great deal of time and effort, which obviously cannot be covered by the kind of advances publishers offer. So in the end, you do it between other projects, using your down-time, and naturally, it takes longer to finish. The challenges then are not to let your commitment waver, not to get bored or jaded, and settle for second-best.”
Sudershan (Chimpanzee) was launched with much fanfare at the recent Mumbai Film and Comic Con, sharing his experience at the convention he said,” I wasn’t sure what response we’d get at Comic Con, because the event is focused more on traditional comics than on literary graphic novels such as mine – in fact, someone pointed that my book was the only one from a mainstream publisher of literary fiction. But we went ahead with Comic Con because I thought my book could reach out to all kinds of readers, not just the literary kind, since it deals with a fairly popular subject and is partly in Hindi. So this was an experiment and I’d say it succeeded to some extent.”
Sudershan (Chimpanzee) is priced at Rs 550 and is available across leading book stores.

Akshay Dhar

One on One with Akshay Dhar – Creator of Retrogade series
Imagine waking up to a world where only the most rudimentary tech still worked – What would humanity do? How would our world change? Does a world-changing disaster only affect us when it hits, or do the repercussions carry on, changing lives and people for ever after?
See what people would do to keep themselves, and their humanity alive in Retrograde.
That’s the new offering by Pop Culture Publishing, a Publishing Division of Twenty Onwards Media (P) Ltd.
Retrogade Volume 2 is the second installment in the Retrogade series, the book kick starts from where its predecessor ended.
The comic book was launched at the Mumbai Film and Comic Convention last month by Pop Culture Publishing with creator Akshay Dhar. Priced at a reasonable amount of 150 (combined volume), the comic book is surely going to bring a happy smile on the face of its makers.
Talking about his new book with Animationxpress’ Ishpreet Chandock is Akshay Dhar, who is the writer and creator of the comic book series.
An Alumni of the University of Bradford, Delhi based Akshay is the Editor-In-Chief + Columnist/Writer at Comic Addicts and an Officer at Daurala Organics.
Here we have the excerpts of the conversation with Akshay, talking about his new book, his expectations and more…
Akshay, first and foremost ,thank you for taking the time to speak with us andcongratulations on the launch of your new book Retrogade Volume 2, can you tell us more about your big idea behind creating Retrogade ? How did the idea of Retrogade come to you? 
To tell a story in India, with people like those we actually find in our lives and
When we travel around the country – but most importantly, to try and do something
That had not been done before. The concepts we use in this story as our premise are
a mix of old and tried with twists that have not been explored much.
Basically I realized I wanted to play to my strength as a writer (or so I’ve been
told) and tell an action adventure story, but keep the focus on the characters. More
importantly I wanted it to be more real and so it is about a GROUP rather than a
hero/heroine and each and every person is important to how things develop.

Take us through your process when it comes to creating your artwork especially for Retrogade?
It’s not a deeply researched project in the sense that it is tied to “current” trends and
topics. There are things that are based around the real world, we researched things
like the kinds of weapons that would be had, artistic references for such things and
I had to brush up a little on the science that I was warping to create my doomsday
scenario – but as a reader I think most everything is easily understandable since
we’ve tried not to be too heavy with data.
If people enjoy it, hopefully we’ll be able to introduce more concepts and newly
evolved technology for this new age as we go further down the rabbit hole.
Competing with your previous work is always a challenge and sequels are always a task as to bringing out something better and something new, according to you what’s the special ingredient you have spread on the table with Retrogade Volume 2?
It caters to people of multiple genres (sci-fi, action, adventure, drama, etc) while not
sticking only to one. Retrograde is a fun and simple read if you want it to be but
there are references and little details that can be found if you want a more detailed
story – but whichever your leaning, there is no reason you should not be able to
enjoy the comic as a whole.
This is something I want to see more of from Indian creators and hope that if
our effort is successful, the market for this in India would open up and fans and
creators will move away from the same-old-same-old stuff that we stick to because
it’s a safe bet.
Where can we find you promoting the book? Do you have any convention appearances or store signings planned? 
We have been focusing on selling it online and especially at the conventions.
Though copies are available at leading book stores, but we focus more on e-
commerce sites as well as events.
What do you take back from your launch at Comic Con Mumbai 2012? How did you find interacting with your fans in such an environment? 
Oh man! Comic Con Mumbai was insane! I was there for the first and the second
just upped the stakes for future conventions with a great crowd and response and
people clearly having more of an interest in what was around them.
For me, it was beyond tiring but one of the most satisfactory experiences I’ve had
as a writer. The response was overwhelming, so much so that at the end of day-1
we were actually worried that we had not done a large enough printing of the new
book. People who knew it were enthusiastic and those who didn’t were genuinely
interested and curious.
On a more personal level, the number of people that asked me to sign their books
and being able to talk to and interact with fans was amazing and I loved it! I just
hope that people continue to be less shy and share with folks like me, what it is
they want to see in comics in the future.
Every journey has its share of hurdles; can you share with our readers the difficulties you face in the making?
Partway through the initial scripting, I had several brainwaves and Jatin and
his team were understanding enough to give me time and space to make some
dramatic changes – we went from a gory, zombie, shoot-em-up to a more subtle,
human story with a sci-fi twist.
Basically I scrapped almost everything, starting almost from scratch. I cannibalized
my original story and kept the things I really wanted to keep at all costs. The rest
was thrown out and a whole new premise was crafted from the ground up and then
built to include the things we kept from the first avatar.
This kind of wholesale revamping can, I think, be as hard if not harder than coming
up with a story from scratch. It also put us considerably behind our original
schedule – the initial launch for #1 was meant to be at the first Delhi Comic Con
but was pushed back to the following Mumbai Convention.
There were several rewrites and such as well (as can be expected) and this was the
first purely solo project I worked on and though it got easier with experience, it
was a tough but rewarding learning experience for me.
Did you have any creative dispute or demur while creating Retrogade 2?
Most of the dilemmas I’ve already explained in the question before this, but maybe
the single biggest challenge was the art.
I always had a very distinct and dirty/gritty feeling I wanted in this book and
black and white made it all the more specific. There was an artist I had been lazily
working on the original horror version with who was based in Croatia, but we
were not able to come to a workable deal once I tied up with Pop Culture due to
his scheduling limitations and paying someone across borders at the time. So we
started looking closer to home and spoke to and “auditioned” several artists but it
took quite a while before we could find the artist who was willing to commit the
time we needed to develop this properly and at the same time had the skill to create
this world and its people.
In this regard I think I was very lucky to have Avik come on board, we found
a great vibe between us as we worked – he was in the Netherlands for 80% of
the first issue at least, so we were working almost entirely over emails and the
occasional Skype or phone chat and this was another challenge that I think we
adapted to and worked with pretty well in the end.

What’s next for you? Is there anything else you would like to work on that you’ve not yet had the opportunity to? 
A lot actually, I’m happy to report.
First and foremost (obviously) I hope that over the next couple of months to
continue the good feedback on Retrograde and produce more of that.
For those that follow my goof-ball page on facebook and my blog, I’ve been
working for Holy Cow Entertainment on a 5-part mini-series called “Serengeti
Stripes” which is a kind of fish-out-of-water story and in which we’re trying to
create a real story starring some amazing animals and all told through them – no
people at all.
Beyond that, I’m working with about 5 different artists and creating a set of comic
shorts to be produced as a multi-part anthology and hope to invite more of the
Indian comic talent to contribute if it picks up. It has Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action and
Comedy stories in it and is looking gorgeous as of now. I hope to have this ready
by the Delhi Convention in February.
Then there’s the non-comic creating projects like the Geeky podcast over at
Popcracker which is a riot to do (and I hope to listen to) with Rajat and Anant
Singh. Plus I’m just starting to talk to a couple of people about maybe making a
live-action story, not Bollywood, but more independent and off-beat stuff.
I’m also, of course, continuing my role as E-I-C for where we all
drive each other crazy and bring fans comic news of all shapes and sizes.
You and Pop Culture Publishing have formed a winning combo of sorts, how was it working with them again? Are there still disagreements in the creative process?
It’s been great actually. There may well have been reasons for me to mutter
under my breath or something, but on the whole they’ve been so understanding,
accommodating and helpful throughout this process that I have no real complaints.
I hope that they do well and I can continue to write for them for a long time to
come, regardless of whatever else I may do in the future.

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Share your experience with Naughty Paa ji.

About Naughty Paaji is an infotainment (information + entertainment) website that has been developed with the thought of spreading awareness amongst all age groups about the various rights that you are eligible for being a citizen of a great country like India.

It is an effort to help realize your potential that has been granted to you by the constitution of India to fight back amidst rampant and growing malpractice & corruption from across various quarters, while you go to seek what rightfully belongs to you – i.e. your fundamental right.

In today´s world where connectivity is at our fingertips and information is abundant, we are still in the dark about something as intrinsic and basic as our fundamental rights as granted by our constitution. Though many of us acquire and operate latest gadgets with ease, when it comes to acquiring knowledge about our fundamental rights we find it difficult. While we all aspire to become good global citizens, we are often not well equipped to be informed, aware and engaged citizens of our great nation. This often makes us feel inadequate when faced with a situation where we need to be aware of the laws of our land or our rights.

In an effort to awaken citizens to the power of our constitution, attempts to spread valuable knowledge about our Fundamental Rights. The character Naughty Paa Ji is an upstanding citizen of our country who believes in having an engaged relation with his country, by being aware of his Rights as well as being true to his Duties, as stated in the constitution. As Naughty Paa Ji goes about his daily life, he encounters several adventures in which he helps various citizens with information about their Fundamental Rights in order to help them in their time of need.

The aim of is to help people of India be conscious of their Rights, be more alert and engaged citizens so that when they see any ´wrong´ , they can respond correctly by invoking their ´Rights´. As our country races towards progress, it is even more important to develop a citizenship well aware of their rights and duties. It is said that "Democracy is measured not by leaders doing extraordinary things, but by its citizens doing ordinary things extraordinarily well." In order to fulfil our destiny as citizens of a truly great country, each of us need to be aware of what is rightfully ours – Our Fundamental Rights. Naughty Paa Ji is an ordinary hero, who can teach us how.



Naughty Paa Ji.

Naughty Paa Ji is a 16 page, webcomic written by Chandra Shekhar Banerjee. Launched at Mumbai Film and Comics Convention last month, this web comic revolves around the story of a Naughty Paa Ji, a Good Samaritan Sikh Gentleman in his Mid 30’s, who is the main protagonist in this web comic This Sikh Gentleman is a medium built man, but with a lot of guts and is brave enough to take up any challenge. He is one of the popular guys, who is sought after by people of all ages and loved by kids and is adored by all because he uses his wits and very intelligently defeats his enemies. Also, he fights the bad guys and helps people in need, victims of injustice or the helpless in trouble. is an infotainment (information + entertainment) website that has been developed with the idea of spreading awareness amongst all age groups about the various rights that you are eligible for being a citizen of a great country like India. It is an effort to help realize your potential that has been granted to you by the constitution of India to fight back amidst rampant and growing malpractice and Corruption from across various quarters, while you go to seek what rightfully belongs to you i.e. your fundamental right.

Speaking to’s Zeenia Boatwala about the key thinking behind launching Naughty Paa Ji, Chandra Shekhar Banerjee, says, “I had always been inclined towards literary activities right from school and through my college days. I was an ardent fan of comic’s right from my childhood, and used to read any comic that I could lay my hands on. Few viz. Tintin, Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Chacha Choudhary, Motu Patlu,” etc.

Adds further, “Most of the people we interact including you or me are not aware of our rights, and I felt that creating this webcomic shall be helpful to the citizens. I also felt that the textual information might be boring for children and hence giving information through the medium of comics shall help children to understand fundamental right much better in the form of stories. We all need to be aware what rightfully belongs to us – our fundamental rights.”

It has taken almost a year to complete Naughty Paa Ji and it is illustrated by Harrsha Bohra of Global Animationz. Chandrasekhar’s main goal behind creating Naughty Paa Ji is to help fellow citizens, NRI’s, who can find this website helpful and informative amidst growing corruption and malpractices at different quarters which has plagued the country and its citizens.

This webcomic website also offers a free service titled ‘Ask a Lawyer’ by which citizens can put up their particular issues to Adv. Mrs. Sonali Ray and get solutions. Any questions pertaining to the rights can be discussed with the lawyer on this platform.

Sharing more, Chandra Shekhar, says, “This was absolutely a new domain for me, as I had no prior experience, then this subject required legal information and thus finding a lawyer with good writing skills was the next challenge.”

For researching on Naughty Paa Ji, Chandra Shekhar took interviews of a few people and found that this is a subject that most of the people are not aware of.

Chandra Shekhar informs, “If I ask you, what is RTI? People tell that it is Right to Information. Then my next question follows, what do you know about RTI, and that is where a silence creeps in.”

The upcoming webcomic of Naughty Paaji will see the story of Subbu the Lawyer and Inspector Patel supporting Naughty Paaji.

At present Naughty Paa Ji is free for all the viewers in the webcomic format and it will soon be available as a mobile app too as well as assorted merchandise of Naughty Paa Ji is on the cards.

You can visit the official Facebook page of Naughty Paa Ji by logging on to:


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The filmmaker is making a biopic on famous Hindi poet and working on Tamil and Marathi projects. The producer, director gets candid about ‘his kind of films' with The Pioneer team

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana is not a typical Anurag Kashyap film. There are no abuses or violence, no one dies in the film and it’s not even dark. Actor Kunal Kapoor puts it this way, “It’s a Kashraj film. Anurag has added his style of filmmaking to the Punjabi tadka that we wanted to serve, in a way of a film.” Producer of the film, Anurag Kashyap, gets candid about the film and his future projects. Excerpts from the interview.

What is Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana all about?

It will remind people of the Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee films. It’s a good mail train. A happy quirky film. It’s not racy thriller like the Shatabdi or Rajdhani. But it builds up and is satisfying — like a regular mail train. It’s not a passenger train either. Director Sameer Sharma had this idea and it was co developed by Kunal Kapoor, even though he has not been credited for that.

What are your other projects in pipeline?

There is Ugly, a film about people in their 40s. It presents how ego plays a central part in wreaking havoc in people’s lives, keeping them away from achieving what they should in their lives. I have been working on it since 2005. It is a deconstructive film, peeling emotions layer by layer. Then there is Bombay Velvet — which has been there from 2006. I am working with Ranbir in that film. It’s about how the city of Mumbai was made, a heady cocktail of policy makers, politicians and corporates much before the underworld took over.

Ranbir seems like an unusual choice for you...

He is the only actor who has not been typecast. He doesn’t have a signature gesture or a look. And he was the one who was very enthusiastic to do the film. I had been following him since Rocket Singh and Wake Up Sid. I gave him a call and said, ‘Boss mere ko tere saath kaam karna hai. I don’t have a script for you but still I want to work with you.’ By coincidence Ranbir got the script for Bombay Velvet and he called me up to say that he wants to do the film. He has taken risks, which no other actor has. The success of Barfi is phenomenal and special. Garnering `100 crore just through word of mouth publicity is amazing. Also you need to keep in mind that other movies that earned business in crores were big budget films, marketed on a huge scale. But Barfi was released with a smaller number of prints, 750 compared to 900 prints of Gangs of Wasseypur. Can you imagine the gains it made?

you getting sufficient money for making your kind of films?

People give me money for two reasons — they think that I am stupid and I don’t understand the logistics of filmmaking. The other set thinks I am economical and they can build profit out of it. But I don’t make movies for money. I make Cadbury ads for money (laughs). So how does my business model work. AKFPL has grown organically. It all started with setting up a backend support system for Dev D, that became a cult hit. That’s when UTV’s Vikas Bahl propped me up. Vikram Motwane came to me with Udaan, having roamed around with the script for seven years. Then we formed a company called Phantom with Bahl, Motwane, Madhu Mantena and myself. We raised money over Facebook to make That Girl In Yellow Boots. I am a nachaniya desperate for an audience and will go to any extent to find it.

I took my films abroad. I was told the Indian diaspora was not interested in them so I took them to festivals and flooded non-diaspora markets. Then once the audience was created, the films garnered a name for themselves, they did well, so that when we released them in India, they were risk-free. We had already recovered the money.

you satisfied with your present way of filmmaking, given that you are involved with about 8-10 projects?

I have created a space for myself and I will do whatever I want with it. I am making films with 40-year-old newcomers. And the way I make films, the process starts a long time before it actually goes on the floor. The research and logistic planning happens much before the actual shooting begins. I work only on what I am shooting. But I need to know everything that’s part of the film. I might not have shown all of Dhanbad in my movie but I know all about the town. Same for BombayVelvet. I will make sure that I know all about Mumbai before it’s made.

Have you ever thought about working on a biopic?

I am making one on the revolutionary Punjabi poet, Pash, Avtar Singh Sandhu. It’s still early to talk about the project but I am working on the script and researching. I came across Dhoomil, famous Hindi poet, when I was making Gulaal. That’s when I got to know about Pash. He was shot dead in Punjab in 1988. Punjab has a rich culture of interesting literature.

If you look at the progressive writers’ movement, there is a strong influence of Punjab in it. The strength of Indian literature lies in the regional languages. The poetry is so strong in the regional languages. In Hindi the problem is with the grammar, as and when it’s translated into English.

So are you working in regional cinema as well?

Yes. We are working on a Tamil Project and a Marathi film. The regional aspects of our literature and cinema haven’t been explored.

There are also talks of you making Doga, the famous superhero of Raj Comics.

We grew up reading Doga. He is a superhero with no superpowers. He doesn’t fly. He gets angry and then suffers because of his aggression. In ways Doga is very akin to the Dark Knight.

Will a journalist ever become an actor in your films?

I don’t look for actors but I am open for story ideas from everyone. I am currently working with Gaurav Solanki who used to work with Tehelka.
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