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''Kuru Chronicles''

Artist Ari Jayaprakash to Launch 800 Pages Graphic Novel Kuru Chronicles this year

Inspired by Art, Cinema and Music is Artist Ari Jayaprakash’s book titled ‘Kuru Chronicles’. 
Targeted at the audiences of 18 years and above, this 800 pages book orbits around varied stories divided into four different books including Nasadiya, Soma, Aghora and Yuga.
Ari Jayaprakash is an artist and photographer well known for his candid photojournalistic approach. His visual art consists of suppressed and silent sociopolitical issues that plague the global population. Ari’s art and photography is a confluence of influences that have been explored and realized through art, film and photography.
Having a passion for drawing from a very young age he has been involved in diverse creative roles during his professional career ranging from concept illustration to visual effects. Mostly self taught and having lived and worked in diverse cities including New Delhi, Bangalore, New York, Calcutta, Chennai, Boston and Vancouver his work includes relevant global themes. His traditional medium work includes reflections on alienation, isolation, identity, corruption, oppression, urban seclusion and other social commentary. The past couple of years for the artist have been dedicated to the upcoming novellas cape ‘The Kuru Chronicles’.
Last month at Comic Con Delhi, Ari had launched 302 pages book titled ‘Kuru Genesis’ which is a prelude to Kuru Chronicles. The book includes panels, concept art, visions and words behind the Kuru Chronicles. Also, it features the art and philosophy behind the chronicles from the four books of Kuru; Nasadiya, Soma, Aghora and Yuga.
Speaking to’s Zeenia Boatwala about ‘The Kuru Chronicles’, Ari Jayaprakash, says, “The ideas and concepts behind ‘The Kuru Chronicles’ had been brewing in my mind for several years and finally manifested itself in the creative process of Kuru.
The Kuru Chronicles is a spiritual journey which involved expeditions to The Ganga Sagar Mela in Bengal, The Ambubachi Mela at Kamakhya, Assam, Tanjore, Calcutta and other places.”
Self Published, Designed by Ari and written by Anisha Sridhar, it has taken 21/2 years to work on Kuru Chronicles and is inspired by entities as diverse as Ritwik Ghatak, Takashi Miike, Lars Von Trier, Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur, Pink Floyd, Heavy Metal, Die Antwoord, J Horror, French New Wave Extremity, Gasper Noe, Harmony Korine, Michael Haneke and Steampunk.
The Artworks of Kuru Chronicles are designed with a rare combination of black ink, blended with numerous color tones, which gives out a look and feel of color moods from the city of Kolkata.
Highlighting more on the inspiration behind Kuru, Ari adds, “A late night viewing on TV of the cannibal disease Kuru in December 2012, followed by meeting a few Aghori Babas at the Gangasagar Mela in Bengal in January 2011 led to the initial ideas of Kuru. Also the city of Calcutta, where I lived for years and where the story is set served as a major inspiration.”
At present, you can buy Kuru Genesis at a discounted offer on Flipkart .Ari is also launching his official website, which would be live very soon. The Kuru Chronicles First Edition will be available for pre booking on Flipkart in the month of April.

Comic Con Hyderabad-2013

1st ever Comic Con Express Hyderabad – A fest for Comic enthusiasts!!
Costume Play: Kids and adults can come dressed as their favorite comic, superhero, gaming characters. Prizes to be Won!!
Workshops: with creators, artists and writers of popular comics and graphic novels.
Book launches: New titles to be launched!
Merchandise from all over the world: Lots and lots of merchandise! Pick up some awesome Merchandise, T-shirts, Mugs, Toys, Posters, Cushions etc, the list is endless!!
Sessions: With Leading writers and Artists in the country.
International: Exhibitors bringing International content!
pics from past comic con india editions
Comic Con India is pleased to announce that the travelling version of the national Indian Comics Convention, Comic Con Express is going to a new city yet again this year; the City of Nizams-Hyderabad. Comic Con Express Hyderabad will take place over the weekend of September 21-22 atHITEX Exhibition Center, Hyderabad.
The express version was started with the aim of taking the comics convention to cities throughout India to support and boost the comics industry by local interaction and participation. With the enormous response Comic Con India is receiving across cities, it is all set to entice audience in Hyderabad this year.This will be the third express tour but first for Hyderabad. The earlier two express versions in Mumbai (2011) and Bangalore (2012) have been converted into annual events, as the response has been remarkable.
Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India, shared, “Over the past 3 years we have expanded to 3 cities and this year we have decided to add another stop to our tour! We are glad to announce that we are taking Comic Con to Hyderabad in September and as our tradition goes, the first event in any new city is deemed Comic Con Express,” says, Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India.
Jatin explains, “The reason to go to Hyderabad is simple – Fans! We have been bombarded with messages since our inception to come to Hyderabad and it was inevitable we come there for our fans. After the overwhelming response from Mumbai and Bangalore expresses, we are looking forward to a tremendous response from Hyderabad”
Comic Con India is planning a slew of fun filled and interactive activities. They range from participation from artists and publishers, workshops and interactive sessions every hour at the dedicated stage area to exclusive launches of Comic titles, book signings, display and sale of a wide range of  comics and merchandise, special corners for creating comics and cartoons, contests and lots more.
pics from past comic con india editions
Cosplay(costume contest),one of the major attractions at Comic Con India, will be more appealing than ever! Comic Con India will continue to give assured prizes to everyone in costume, but now there are 5 categories that have been created to increase one’s chances of winning gifts.Each day, one winner will be chosen from each of five categories:
1. Comic book/graphic novel
2.Animated Series/Movie
3. Manga/Anime
4. Sci-Fi/Fantasy
5. Gaming
Both days, One lucky winner out of the chosen 5 will get the awesome chance to WIN a GOLDEN TICKET to An Amazing Destination!!
There is going to be special sessions with the leading artists and writers in the country, International Exhibitors and lots more.
The main participants of the Comic Con Express Hyderabad is Amar Chitra Katha,  Campfire Graphic Novels, Scholastic India, DC Comics by Random House, HarperCollins India, Pop Culture Publishing, Holy Cow Entertainment, Mario Miranda Gallery, Level 10 Studios, Chariot Comics and Green Gold Animation – Chotta Bheem Comics.
Comic Con India is a unique event celebrating the illustrated medium, which brings together the whole comics industry and related fields such as Merchandise, Toys, Games, Films and Animation, along with fans of this culture from all age groups. Now, after years, the comics’ community in India has a platform where they can meet and interact.

Chariot Comics.

Chariot Comics to Release Graphic Novel 'Vrica' at Comic Con Express Hyderabad- Q and A with Aniruddho Chakraborty, Co-Founder and Executive Editor
Comic Con Express Hyderabad Edition that is slated for September 21st -22nd will witness the launch of Chariot Comic’s latest ‘Vrica’ Graphic Novel and is also having a line up of promising comic treats.’s Zeenia Boatwala had a chat with Aniruddho Chakraborty, Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Chariot Comics to hear more about its upcoming releases.
Please put light on the VRICA series and your very latest VRICA graphic novel?The VRICA series is pretty much from where the idea of Chariot Comics was birthed. Even before we were officially Chariot Comics, we had worked on a pilot issue #1 around 5 years ago! So, yes, as our flagship series, VRICA is something that is very close to our hearts. We released the issue #1 as a free digital download at Comic Con 2012 and it has been one of our most consistent lines in terms of print and digital publishing with at least 3 single issues and one double issue. The series was very well received for us both commercially and critically and we have grown from there terms of quality of storytelling and artwork. The VRICA graphic novel is a culmination of all of the above and is due for release in September and will blow away all our readers in terms of the ending!
We would like to hear about the story line and characters of VRICA?

VRICA is an action adventure series that follows the story of Rohan and his F-INSAS Spec-ops team (that is later dubbed VRICA). Rohan through a twist of fate becomes a super-soldier much like the likes of Captain America – and the series follows their exploits (told in a flashback format) as they cope with the new world order, terrorist threats, the origins of their power – an element known as Vricadium and conspiracies galore.The graphic novel will take the readers through a journey which recaps the highlights of the previous issues and then jumps directly into the current story – leading up to an end, which I’m sure the readers did not see coming! The graphic novel sets stage for something big we are planning for the second half of 2014 both for VRICA and the entire Chariotverse!
What were the factors that made you choose this story line for Vrica?VRICA was our original babby at Chariot Comics – and we realized that there was a strong need-gap and a market for an original Indian Super-team. We wanted to do something truly different yet familiar – something that would strike a chord with the Indian audience.
How many pages is it composed off?We are targeting 80+ pages Graphic Novel for VRICA and it is aimed at 13+ audiences
Please share the credit list with us?
1.     Producer:                             Aditya Dhaliwal
2.     Story, Characters and Script:    Aniruddho Chakraborty
3.     Pencil and Inks:                              Tamal Saha & Tarun Kumar Sahu
4.     Colours:                                Supreme Commander Chaksius 
5.     Editor:                                               Kate A Lyons
6.     Creative Director:                         Katyayan Shivpuri
If you were to describe the look and feel of this graphic novel, how would you present it?We have gone experimental with both the artwork and the look and feel. You will see almost each section of the story having a different look and feel – be it in terms of art or the colors. Some chapters will have the modern comic book action adventure look in art and colors, similar to what you see in Marvel and DC titles; while some section follow the more vertigo look and feel in terms of shadows, color palettes etc.So yes, it’s an experiment we are risking and we hope the readers will love that.
What would you highlight in terms of challenges that you faced while creating this graphic novel?Of course condensing the expanse of the story into 70 odd pages is a challenge. We wanted the Graphic Novel to be faithful to both our old and new readers. Meaning, anyone who has been following the series will find that the key elements of the story are available here, while there’s so much more progress in terms of story movement. Anyone new picking up the series will find that that they are up to speed and know the entire story of the series. Obviously this throws up a challenge of packing too much too quick, without any character development – but we have tried to allay that and I hope we have succeeded.
How much time has to taken to complete this graphic novel?Six months and still working!
Would you like to emphasize on the research, inspirations taken for creating Vrica?A lot of research has gone into the technology used, weapons, politics and technicalities involved with this genre. We wanted it to be fun and sci-fi while not being too outlandish. In short, more the Christopher Nolan, David Goyer school of storytelling is what inspires us.
Apart from that when it comes to the visual styles and story aspects, our inspirations include: DMZ (Vertigo), Losers (Vertigo), 100 bullets (vertigo), Captain America (Marvel, Ed Brubaker run), Marvel Seige (Brian Michael Bendis) and movies such as Universal Soldier, The Dark Knight Series, Man of Steel.
What would be the interesting aspects of the book which the readers should watch out for?For me the most interesting part is the way the story seams together in a non-linear format, I would say on re-reading the series and the Graphic Novel the second-time you will find some interesting connects and conspiracies that throw up! And of course my favorite part is the ending. It’s outlandish as hell, you won’t see it coming; but when it does you will realize that was the only way it could have gone!
Please share in detail about the comic series that you porting on DVD?That’s our smaller mini-series Damned which will be porting to DVD. The DVD will allow users to download and read the comics in PDF and CBR formats on their devices. Plus, it will be at a very competitive price point as well – so yeah that’s our offering in September on the digital front!
How many more volumes are in pipeline?After this graphic novel we will continue the story in single issue which will be digital only and once that’s done expect an even better VRICA Vol. 2 Graphic Novel next year!
And, the big ticket release at Comic Con Mumbai, can we be the first one to capture a brief about this J
It’s still a little hush-hush at this point but all I can tell you is #BollywoodMovie, #Zombies and #Graphic Novel!
Are you publishing the book as well?Yes we are. Chariot Comics will be publishing the book in both print and digital formats. It will be launched at Comic Con Express Hyderabad and we will be selling it at CC Mumbai, CCI Delhi and will also be available for online orders at
Going down the memory lane, how has the journey for chariot comics been till date, what were the hits and misses?Oh we’ve had many hits and many misses! In fact, if that wasn’t the case, it wouldn’t be any fun making comics. VRICA and Templar have been big hits for us, along with initiatives like Free Comic Book Weekend which we loved doing. We even got to some good work for various brands like Hero Motocorp, designing their motorbike brochure in a comic book format – that was loads of fun!
Misses include our slow focus on the Damned title which we will be correcting this September. Our title Godslayer got a lot of flak for its controversial themes; however, we remain determined and expect to do something explosive next year on that as well.
I mean you win some, you lose some – the trick is to win the ones you lost the next time round. We believe we are still on the learning curve and the only way is up!
Your take on the Indian Comic’s IndustryBright times ahead! I mean I love that we are getting out of standard mythological stuff we’ve always peddled and doing some great original stuff. I’m a fan of the work Vivek Goel is doing with Holy Cow, Jazyl with Beast Legion, Akshay Dhar at Metadesi, a lot of Level 10’s older work like Odayan & Rabhas and the entire Pop Culture Publishing Catalog. Its good stuff and I hope our struggles pay-off in the long term as the market grows wider and goes international.
What is your vision now with these releases?We have been building stories and characters over the past two years and now I think we’re ready to move into the graphic novel format in terms of our titles. We envision producing at least 2-3 original Graphic Novels every year and I hope that the audience will love the sincere effort we are producing the content.

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‘Dhyan Chand’ Graphic Novel

Amar Chitra Katha Launches ‘Dhyan Chand’ Graphic Novel

Legendary stories get a graphical touch in Amar Chitra Katha’s new entrant ‘Dhyan Chand- The Wizard of Hockey, 64 pages graphic novel that was launched yesterday by Minister of State for Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor at Dhyan Chand stadium in New Delhi.
Priced at INR 100, this graphic novel is the first title of ACK in the sports genre and centers around Dhyan Chand’s passion for hockey and the way he lived and breathed the game.
Speaking to’s Zeenia Boatwala about the decision of presenting ‘Dhyan Chand’s life in a graphical medium, Reena Puri- Editor, Amar Chitra Katha, says, “We had decided to write on sports personalities and when the scriptwriter, Luis Fernandes suggested Dhyan Chand, it was an immediate ‘yes’ as he is an icon in the world of Indian sports and a truly inspiring figure.”
A  year’s time has been taken to create this graphical piece, which is scripted by Luis Fernandes, illustrations done by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj, Colorists are Ramesh, Adarsh Achari, Prakash S, Assistant Colorist  is Silambarasan K, Lay outing done by Sivajith S. and Edited by Reena I. Puri
With this graphic novel, the vision of the team was to bring out the story of an icon, which they believe would be a role model for today’s generation. For writing the story, Luis referred to Dhyan Chand’s autobiography along with various other books and articles to know more about his life.
Reena Adds more, “We are conveying a story that must be read and understood by each individual in his own way”
When asked about the gripping aspect of this book, Reena indicates that she finds the whole story gripping but, highlights one aspect by saying “Dhyan Chand’s growth as a player and a human being is brought across excellently.”
Reena nods to the fact that this graphic novel is a blend of story of courage, determination and focus.  Here, we ask more on the color tone used for the novel, “Harsho gave us pencils of each page which he would ink after we had checked it for visual accuracy.”

For instilling the look and feel, the team made use of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw for Illustrations and Coloring and Adobe InDesign for Layouting. Available now at leading book stores and also online, this book for sure will leave a motivational aura around you.
“Every biography is a challenge because the onus is on us to represent the person correctly. But when it is done well there is a feeling of great satisfaction and all the hard work is worth it,” concludes, Reena

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Doo Comics. launches doo Comics Team
( 1 July 2013 6:37 pm) 
MUMBAI:, India's first online ecosystem for kids, have announced the launch of doo Comics. The comic will be exclusively available on will create 8 parts of the series "The Discovery of worldoo" and the first edition of the same is named as "The Last Mission". will release one edition of these series each month and will also add some new titles over the course of the next year.
The first comic talks about worldoo's peace-loving character - Nakamota, a topography expert and his efforts to find some help for him to get back to city from the island where he was stuck after his plane had crashed during the World War II.
"We are thrilled to launch the first digital edition of The Last Mission on, as we have always embraced original ideas from our own character(s). With the launch of doo Comics on, we see it as a continuation of our on-going commitment to delivering quality, original experiences online to the kids", said experience & brand head Harsh Wardhan Dave.'s mission is to take comic books far beyond the printed page and into the digital world. With worldoo's wide online following, it is hopeful to help bring its stories to millions of new readers every week. got a good response from kids on the digital platform, within the launch of two months the website attracted 18,000+ kids in a short span of time. has got around 1.13 lakh unique visitors and over 2.5 million page views till now. Kids are loving - as a result, average time spent is close to nine minutes and 11 page views are happening per visit, which is very encouraging for the platform.

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Negatives and Youghander.

Launching today ! Delhi Book Fair-2013. (Hall-12 Stall-3)


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Comic capers

Comic capers

Comic book collectors across the country are taking their hobby to a whole new level, says Varuni Khosla
  • Subin Jameel has a soft spot for Indrajal Comics and owns about 400 of them
It's not a clean office by any stretch of the imagination. But you could call it organised chaos with comics and graphic novels stacked across ceiling-high shelves. Jatin Varma, 28, the man who founded Comic Con in India (a multi-genre annual convention for comic fans) likes to surround himself with his comics — and only the most prized ones go under lock-and-key at his Naraina Vihar office in Delhi.
Varma is one of the country's most serious comic book collectors. His treasure trove includes over 10,000 American, European, Japanese, some Indian comics and graphic novels!
To most, a $1.25 comic book that he safeguards may be of no value, but for a handful of fanboys like himself — it's priceless. What makes the plastic-case sealed The Death of Superman volume 2, 75 (circa 1993) so special, is that it's signed by the book's artists/authors Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding. It cost him over Rs 5,000 when he bought it from a collector in San Francisco in 2008. Comics collectors would give an arm and a leg to get hold of a single-issue comic so rare.
"When collectors across India admire each other's comics on Facebook it's dubbed as shelf porn," laughs Varma.
  • Jatin Varma's collection is a mix of European, American, Japanese and Indian comics
Think Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Amar Chitra Katha and Indrajal comics — these collectors like them all. Bangalore-based Arun Prasad, a history professor who prides himself in being a pannapictagraphist (that's geek for comic book collector), owns between 12,000 and 13,000 comics. His voracious appetite for comics kickstarted with Mayavi, a comic strip that appeared in Balarama, a children's magazine by Malayala Manorama. And The Phantom — the American comic strip created by Lee Falk (1936) became an all-time favourite.
There are two types of collectors, he says — those who collect entire series and those who pick up only single issues of sought-after comics irrespective of the series they belong to.
In India, collectors unite through personal blogs and Facebook pages. They also meet at the annual three-city Comic Con and organise their own personal mini-cons at coffee houses.
  • Delhi-based engineer Mayank Khurana runs a blog called Comic Addicts! and hosts a meet every year for comic lovers
Mayank Khurana, 30, a Delhi-based engineer hunts only for special issues. In his "man cave" in Delhi's Karol Bagh, his comic book library has everything — DC and Marvel Comics, manga (Japanese art) and European comics — and they are covered in plastic bags. "I like Franco-Belgian comics though they aren't necessarily expensive," he says.
Maximum monetary value comes from "first appearance" comics. These are comics where Spider-Man, Batman, Superman etc. had first appeared in the series.
Subin Jameel, 23, collector and student in Bangalore's School of Architecture, R.V. College of Engineering, usually picks up comics from Avenue Road, a local second-hand books market. He also buys them on Flipkart and Amazon. His favourite are Indrajal Comics. "These remain the most sought after comics in India and the first issue (No.1) can sell at approximately Rs 70,000 today. I have about 400 of these," he says. He also has a small collection of Amar Chitra Katha and Chitra Bharti Kathamala that published comics like Secret Agent 005 - Junior James Bond, Space Star, Private Detective Kapil, Manasputra and Chandru.
Prasad, too, possesses the complete collection of Indrajal comics (published by Bennett, Coleman) including the No.1 The Phantom Belt, 1964. He also has first appearance issues of superheroes such as Phantom, Mandrake, Lt. Drake, Mike Nomad, Rip Kirby, Garth, Bruce Lee and others.
  • Mayavi, a comic strip that appeared in a children's magazine called Balarama, triggered Arun Prasad's passion for comics
In Mumbai, Aalok Joshi, 26, a dentistry student has a collection of over 10,000 international comics. He sold countless comics to raddiwalas because of space constraints. "Most comic collectors judge their collections in monetary value (usually when there's a first appearance of a superhero). But that may not be the best book in the series," he says.
Khurana in Delhi admits that this is an expensive hobby. He spends up to Rs 500 on a single issue plus shipping charges, if he buys them off Amazon. Typically, he orders about 40 single issues a month. He also keeps aside money for a few trades (a collection of stories originally published in comic books, reprinted in book format) that cost approximately Rs 1,250 each. Joshi agrees, "If in a month I have Rs 20,000 to spare, I'll spend about Rs 15,000 on comics."
Varma admits each time he goes for a holiday to the US, he saves up at least Rs 1 lakh to spend on comics. "I've stopped calculating how much I spend on them. It's a collection that I don't intend to sell, ever," he smiles.
But ask collectors to display their comics and they are sure to think twice. "I don't open any of my rare comics. I have preserved them in airtight packaging and in acid-free wooden shelves," says a possessive Prasad.


just for test.


Holy Cow Entertainment Unveils Plans for Comic Con Express Hyderabad Edition

The passion for giving out more and more to the Indian comic industry keeps Vivek Goel, CEO of Holy Cow Entertainment in news with every comic con season.
And, with comic con express Hyderabad edition, Vivek brings an end to the well received comic book series on Aghori as he will wind up his take on the life of Aghori with a 94 pages Aghori Book 4. Prior to this, Vivek would be releasing comic book on Ravanayan on 30th August and showcasing it again for the comic enthusiasts at Comic Con Express Hyderabad.
Aghori has given a new dimension to Holy Cow Entertainment with its nomination as the best series of the year at the Annual comic con awards in Delhi and the 4th version of this book is also surrounded with a horror and supernatural blend and aimed at teen adults. The very first book in this series was launched last year at Comic Con Express Bangalore.
nullEmphasizing more on what’s the punch in Aghori Book 4, Vivek Goel, says, “In this book, you would see the protagonist Vira going toe to toe with a certain someone to rea claim his lost son. But, it all ends up very badly for him and the climax is the one that you will love to read. This book will pave way for a very special character making his debut in the 2nd arc of Aghori which is set for delivery in 2014.’
Past two years have been great for Holy Cow Entertainment as it is giving out a new mythology story with every comic con season and clinching huge crowds at their Comic Con booths. To give an attractive touch to Aghori and Ravanayan series, Vivek Goel has decided to sell out the series in combination packs for the comic auds. The price of Aghori Book 4 would be INR 250 and Ravayan Finale will be available at INR 160.
A credit rundown for Aghori and Ravanayan centers on Ram.V. Writing the series, the artworks being carried about by Vivek himself and Gaurav Shrivastav whereas Colors dealt by Yogesh Pugaonkar
When asked Vivek about the USP of Aghori, he, highlights” It is an unexplored territory and the inspiring journey of Vira with gripping dialogues and kickass art.”
According to Vivek, writer Ram .V has done a great job by researching on Aghori’s and also interviewing them and then instilled everything in form of stories.
On the concluding note, Vivek shares, “Most of our readers as a matter of fact are people who have come back to comics just because of what we are doing with our series. We are still learning and every single release teaches us a lot of new things. We already have a set vision and path for us in 2014, awesome titles have been lined up for the coming year and I can just say that “we are going big in 2014”!

18 Days-Graphic India.

Graphic India announced today the launch of an original animated web-series called, “18 Days,” with superstar comic book creator and Batman writer, Grant Morrison in association with YouTube.
The series has been launched today as part of YouTube’s global “Geek Week” event, with the first episode available now and subsequent episodes to be launched exclusively on YouTube in weekly installments throughout the year.
“Mahabharata is an epic story and we are very excited to bring the animated version of this great Indian epic to YouTube users worldwide. Partnering with Grant Morrison and Graphic India for this YouTube exclusive will set the bar for more such high quality web original series” said Gautam Anand, Director content partnership APAC, for YouTube.
18 Days is a reinvention of the great Indian epic the Mahabharata.  The series will be ongoing and feature weekly episodes throughout the year for exclusive distribution on the Graphic India YT Channel. The series is released in English, Hindi and Tamil.
An exclusive trailer for the series was posted last week to coincide with a over-packed panel at the San Diego Comic Con, global pop-culture event: and exceeded over 150,000 views within a few days of release.
18 Days follows the course of the climactic war that concludes the age of a race of super gods and begins the age of man. It is the prototype for every war ever fought, wherein the biggest armies ever conceived of face one another across the ultimate battlefield to decide the fate of the future.
“A genre mash of superhero action and mythology grounded in the all too human passions of its warriors, villains and monsters, 18 Days will rewrite the rules of epic fantasy,” commented Grant Morrison, the show’s creator.  “I’m very excited to be working with Graphic India and YouTube for the launch of my first ever web series. 18 Days updates and retells the timeless stories of the Mahabharata for a new audience on a whole new platform.”
Graphic India, has recently launched a character entertainment company founded by Sharad Devarajan’s Liquid Comics and CA Media, the Asian investment arm of Peter Chernin’s, The Chernin Group (TCG).
“18 Days takes one of the most enduring stories of the east, the Mahabharata, which is known by over a billion people, and places it in the capable hands of Grant Morrison, one of the greatest storytellers of the West,” commented Graphic India, Co-Founder & CEO, Sharad Devarajan. “There is no greater platform than YouTube to enable this story to engage with audiences around the world and we are delighted to be working with them.”
The first two episodes of the series are available today in English, Hindi and Tamil at the following links:

Delhi Book Fair-2013.

Pictures from Raj Comics stall at Hall 12, Delhi book fair 2013

Sunday 25th Aug 2013, Delhi book fair.