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Maya Digital, Vimanika Comics create TV show ‘The Sixth: Karna – The Warrior Kid’

Internationally, comic books are getting converted into cinematic televised content. The trailer will be launched at the Mumbai Comic Con on October 21
BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | October 16, 2012
Maya Digital Studios and Vimanika Comics have joined hands to bring India’s favourite mythological comic characters in their animated avatars. Maya Digital Studios will be creating an animated TV series and TV film based on one of Vimanika’s best selling comics, ‘The Sixth: The Karna’. The project titled ‘The Sixth: Karna – The Warrior Kid’, is a contemporary take on the story of the legendary warrior in a format meant for today’s kids. The story revolves around the adventures of a present-day nine-year-old boy who happens to be the reincarnation of the great warrior Karna.
The TV film will be 70 minutes long, followed by a series of 104 stories of 11-minute duration that will be created based on this comic series. An exclusive preview of the series will be presented at the Mumbai Comic Con 2012. The film and the show are primarily aimed at kids in the age-group 7-10 years.
Internationally, comic books are getting converted into cinematic televised content. In the recent past the Indian market has also been warming up to this trend.
Maya Digital Studios is India’s leading animation, visual effects and 2D to 3D conversion studio. In the recent past it has created a 3D animated show out of Lotpot Comics’ popular ‘Motu Patlu’ and converted Amar Chitra Katha’s ‘Sons of Ram’ into stereoscopic 3D.
Ketan Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director, Maya Digital Studios, said, “For a child, comics are the first interface with reading and animation with content viewing. Our focus at Maya is to bring in the best possible comic content into animated form. The Sixth is precisely such a highly contemporary yet traditionally rooted concept, and with our animation, we’ll take this already popular brand to an altogether new level.”
Suhas Kadav, Head of the Animation Department at Maya and Director of the film and the series, said, “The Sixth: Karna – The Warrior Kid has an extremely engaging and interesting story. Keeping in mind the core TG of 7 to 10-year-olds, we have woven the story around the great Karna in such a way that today’s kids enjoy the action and adventure, and get to know some secrets of the great Indian warrior.”
Vimanika Comics has received many accolades for its mythological comics. The Sixth Karna is a story of a real hero. He had all the attributes and characteristics of a god but flaws like a human. Karna was born to a royal family and yet he led the life of a lower caste. But more than that, the story highlights how he overcame all the abuses and challenges life threw at him.
Karan Vir Arora, CEO, Vimanika Comics, commented, “This is an exciting collaboration. It is definitely a huge leap for us where in we will be able to reach out a wider audience. The film and series will be in tandem with the artwork and storyline of the comic. However, there will be necessary creative changes as it’s a different medium. Indian mythology has varied layers and our team at Vimanika has always been striving to engage the youth to get affluent and inspired by Indian culture and our rich ancient history.”

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nagraj Janmautsav -2012.

दोस्तों  इस बार राजस्थान में एक  प्रोजेक्ट में  व्यस्त होने के  कारण नागराज के जन्मदिन में शामिल नहीं हो सका ,जिसका मुझे अफ़सोस है।
नागराज का जन्मदिन इस बार जिस धूम-धाम से मनाया गया ...उम्मीद करता हूँ की उसकी कॉमिक्स भी उतनी ही धूम-धाम से प्रकाशित होती रहेगी .
राज परिवार को मेरी शुभकामनाये .

गोलू नागराज 

AVION भी आये नागराज के जन्मदिन  पर 

तिरंगा की एक  यादगार कॉमिक ''कारगिल '' का कवर पेज पोस्टर। मुझे याद है इस कॉमिक्स से होने वाली आए (इनकम ) से  राज कॉमिक्स ने कारगिल के लिए फण्ड जुटाया था .

नागराज और विसर्पी .

अनुपम सिन्हा जी और तरुण कुमार वाही  जी साथ में  विवेक मोहन और मनीष गुप्ता।

राज परिवार 

''Crazy Fan of Nagraj''

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Vadra in comics!

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Holy Cow Entertainment Launches Book titled ‘Aghori’ at First Ever Comic Con Bengaluru

Keeping the flag on Indian Comics high, Mumbai based publishing company; Holy Cow Entertainment launched their comic book titled ‘Aghori’ at first ever comic con Bengaluru. Aghori is a multi issue comic series written by Ram Iyer and illustrated by Vivek Goel and Gaurav Shrivastav. The story of this book comic book orbits around the stages of a Man getting converted into an Aghori.
Published by Holy Cow Entertainment and Targeted to audiences over 14 and above, this 56 pages book is priced at INR 140. Aghori is Holy Cow Entertainment’s 1st flagship character and the first story arc is composed of 8 issues.Holy Cow Entertainment is compiling 2 issues in one book to make a complete graphic novel with the first half of Aghori compiled into 4 books.
Speaking to about the making of Aghori, Vivek Goel, Founder of Holy Cow Entertainment, says, “Aghori, according to me, is an unexplored territory and this book is composed with informative content rather than being a comic book and the book will open your eyes towards the hurdles and living of an Aghori.
To get a deep insight of the life of Aghori’s, the writer of this book, Ram V personally met Aghori’s on the Banks of the River Ganges and had long conversations with them, which has helped him to deliver the story for the book and the entire book has been given a hot and cool colour treatment.
Commenting more on Aghori, Vivek, highlights, “If I ask you about an Aghori, there are two prime things, which would click in your mind with the first being a man who has no connection with personal hygiene whereas the second  would be flesh eating man, but trust me, its not even one percent of this. It’s very important to understand that there are around 12 processes, which one needs to pass to convert into a aghori and it’s only after these stages that a person is bestowed with the Tantrik powers.
One more thing which I would like to convey through this book is that, powers are not good or bad, it’s the person, who uses it in a right or wrong way.”
Till date, Holy Cow Entertainment has been on its toes by releasing 8 comic books and they started working on Aghori in April this year. At present, Aghori is available in all major book stores, on Kindle and as an IPad App. The company is all gearing up to make its mark in the upcoming Mumbai Film and Comic Convention in Mumbai, where they will be launching their 2nd issue in the Aghori series.
When asked about the experience at First Ever Comic Con Bengaluru, Vivek, shares, “I loved Comic Con Bengaluru!! The most interesting aspect was to meet artist one on one and exchange thoughts with them”

Maya Digital Studiosbring alive the adorable Lotpot comic characters Motu and Patlu

The legendary Gulzar pens lyrics for the title song; Sukhwinder Singh lends his voice to the title song and Sandesh Shandiliya composes music for the show
Come October 2012 and Nickelodeon will launch a brand new rib-tickling comedy that nullcuts across all age groups – Motu Patlu, premiering on October 16, 2012, daily at 6:30pm. This unique show with high quality 3D animation by Maya Digital Studios is part of Nickelodeon’s constant attempt in offering differentiated Indian content to kids. The show brings alive the classic comic stars Motu-Patlu and has stories that are deeply rooted in India.
Inspired from the characters of Lot Pot Comics, Motu Patlu is a lively comic caper that is sure to engage kids as well as the entire family. Set in the beautiful city of Furfuri Nagariya, Motu and Patlu are as similar as chalk and cheese… the Awesome Twosome are always on an adventurous expedition and have an uncanny ability to get into tricky situations – every single day!
Apart from the fact that Motu Patlu boasts of state-of-the-art 3D animation with a hilarious pure Indian storyline, another highlight of the show is the title song which brings together the musical triumvirate of Gulzar - who is writing a kids song after many years, Sandesh Shandilya – who has composed music for the entire series including the theme song that is sung by renowned singer Sukhwinder Singh. Speaking on this occasion,Sandesh Shandilya said, “Composing the music and designing the score for a kids show; and creating music for Gulzar Saab’s words is an enriching as well as challenging experience for me. I’m sure the kids too will have as much fun viewing it”. Adds Sukhwinder Singh, “Singing for kids, on Gulzar Saab’s words for Ketan Sir’s production for a show based on Motu Patlu; frankly, I couldn’t have asked for more. I hope the kids groove to the song too, and enjoy the show”. Summarizing the journey of the song, Gulzar said, I thoroughly enjoy myself while writing for kids. Just like my previous songs for kids, the song Motu Patlu ki Jodi too has a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoys this song as much.” 
Sandesh Shandiliya,Anu Sikka, Gulzar Saab, Deepa Sahi and Ketan Mehta, Nina Elavia Jaipuria, PK Bajaj & Anish Mehta”]nullCommenting on the launch of the new show, Nina Elavia Jaipuria, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Sonic and Nickelodeon India says, “Kids are the most dynamic consumers to please and we have to keep evolving and innovating to keep them engaged. We promise kids that with Motu Patlu we will give them a show that hasn’t ever been seen in the kid’s category as yet. Motu Patlu is a path-breaking and contemporary show that will go multi-platform to connect with kids all across the country. We will make sure that the kids have a rollicking time with our crazy duo.”
Adds Anu Sikka, Vice President – Programming & Scheduling, Nickelodeon India“Motu Patlu has great story telling, engaging characters and world class quality of animation – the 3 things that we look for in a show. Motu Patlu surpasses our expectations on all 3 parameters and we are sure that kids will love the show as much as we loved bringing it to them.”
Says Ketan Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director – Maya Digital Studios, “At Maya, we want to bring the best of Indian content with world class animation & believe that since animated content is the first interface of a child with entertainment content it is very important to have an Indian cultural connection with it. We are extremely happy that Nickelodeon as a channel has a similar strategy and with this show we will together create new qualitative benchmarks for kids’ entertainment in India”.
Adds Suhas Kadav, Head of the Animation Department – Maya Digital Studios, & Director of Motu Patlu,It is an honour for me to direct India’s first ever slapstick, chase driven fun show, which is 100% Indian content for kids. With this show, we are sure that will create a standard for Indian animation and I believe that this show will continue to entertain kids and family audiences for years to come.”
The channel will bring Motu Patlu to the audience through a 360-degree marketing campaign consisting of multiple touch points covering ATL and BTL media vehicles. Mass media such as a cross channel television plan, print, outdoor and radio will be used. In addition, Motu Patlu will also be brought to the kids through numerous BTL activities consisting of van activations in smaller towns, mall activations and engagement in retail chains such as Pantaloons and Timezone. Innovative Motu Patlu meals will be available across Bombay Blues outlets in Mumbai. Motu Patlu will also be promoted through hobby workshops with Hobby Ideas.
In order to connect with the tech-savvy kids of today, Nickelodeon will invest in building digital assets for Motu Patlu. Kids can interact on the digital and mobile platform through numerous Motu Patlu games, contests, downloadables and a lot more on the dedicated microsite, motupatlu.inSocial media like Facebook and Twitter will also be used to keep the engagement going.
Tune in to join the Awesome Twosome – Motu Patlu in their hilarious adventures starting Monday, October 16th daily at 6:30pm, exclusively on Nickelodeon
Character Annexure
MOTU: Motu, the super funny character loves binging on samosas and dreams of an exciting and thrilling life! He has an attractive face that can only attract trouble!
PATLU: Patlu is Motu’s best buddy and has a heart of undying friendship. His brain travels faster than the speed of light but always lands him in a soup.

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Libera Artisi showcases debut comic book titled ‘Auto Pilot’ at First Ever Comic Con Bengaluru

Founded in 2009 by Sinu Chandrasenan, Kishore and Roshan, Libera Artisi is a group of artists, which believes in breaking the ice by executing creative ideas wrapped with their own innovative art styles and has recently showcased their first debut comic book titled ‘Auto Pilot’ at first ever Comic Con Bengaluru.

Published by Dragonmill Media Pvt. Ltd., Auto Pilot is a series of ten comic books and the recently launched is the 1st volume from the series, a 50 page comic book, is an urban fantasy with an Indian Mythological touch revolving around the story of Suku, an auto rickshaw driver, who ends up having to play chauffeur to Yamaraj, the Indian God of Death. Armed with a rather misplaced desire to be a super hero and immediate necessity to win back the heart of his dream girl, Suku embarks on an unusual quest that takes him on a bumpy ride form Kerala through Yamapuri and beyond.

Targeted at the readers, who love to experience a tale of adventure, comedy and fantasy, Auto Pilot is written by Kishore Mohan with the art side executed by Sinu Chandrasenan, Colors done by Roshan and Letters brought about by Aditya Bidikar. It has taken around 50 days for the team to complete the book and to bring about a unique feel of the comic book; the team composed the book with a vibrant color palette and also executed extreme stylization for the characters.

Speaking to’s Zeenia Boatwala about the making of Auto Pilot, Sinu Chandrasenan, Co-Founder of Libera Artisti, says,” The aim of Auto Pilot is to deliver good stories with extra visual extravaganza to it. I am happy to share that, the writer of the Comic, Kishore Mohan, has done intense homework and research on developing the contents for the script. Coming to the artistic front, it took me a lot of initial sketching to lock on the designs and stylization. Roshan too had his fun with experimenting on different coloring styles before we decided the final look of Auto Pilot. The main challenge of developing Auto Pilot was in the fresh initial stages of planning out the comic. It took us quite a time to decide on the style to follow for the comic.”

Priced at INR 200, Auto Pilot will soon be available in all major book stores throughout India.

Till date, Libera Artisi has worked on varied pre-production works for animation including character design, storyboarding, visual development, background design, layouts, etc with working on children books, illustration works and comics.

Currently, Libera Artisi is working with the Animation team at Dragonmill Media and our handling the pre-production and Art direction of a 22 minuter episodic series titled, ‘Cocoman’, which is a character from their Auto-pilot Comic Book.

Expressing thoughts on the experience at the first ever Comic Con Bengaluru, Sinu, shares, “Comic Con Bengaluru was, by far, the best comic con, which happened in India. The public support was great with a positive response overall. Autopilot copies were sold out by the mid of the second day at the con.”

Happy Birth Day Husain Zamin-2nd October-2012.

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The Wise Fool of Baghdad

New Book: Sufi Comics – The Wise Fool of Baghdad

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After 6 months in the making in collaboration with Artist Rahil Mohsin & Master Calligrapher Muqtar Ahmed, we launched the book “Sufi Comics: The Wise Fool of Baghdad” at Comic Con Bangalore. We are very pleased with the final output of the book, it’s one of it’s kind!