Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vimanika Comics working on finishing touches to “Shiva Book- II”

Shiva Book -II 22-5-12 edited Final Vimanka Comics
Vimanika comics is all set to release the 2nd part of its graphic novel   “Shiva Book- II” . The graphic novel is set to release by 25 July 2012 and pre-orders to be taken from 20 June 2012 through Flipkart.
I am Kalki RB Vol 2 Pg 3 Vimanika Comics
Maintaining the characterization of the first book, Lord Shiva is the central figure in this edition as well. Shiva Book- II revolves around the life of Lord Shiva comprising of the three most vital events of his life, they are- Lord Shiva’s marriage with Parvati, Rebirth of  Kartikeya and the death of Tarkasur.
The graphic novel features stunning design and art and with primary TG being ages 10 -30  but can also be appreciated by all  TGs.
Shiva Book- II is created and edited by Karan vir Arora in association with Shail Gulhati, written by Kshitish Padhy, research work done again by Shail Gulhati, penciler- Hemant Kumar, colorist-Abdul Rasheed and letterer Raghu. The book is completed within the span of approximately 6-7months.
I am Kalki The Red Book Cover Vimanika Comics
Vimanika comics recently also launched its new book “I am Kalki The Red Book” Vol 2 in the month of April. I am Kalki- The Red Book Vol 2 lays the foundation of the exciting adventures of Kalki(10th Avatar of God Vishnu). The Rakshasa(Demon/Kaal) Kali has broken out from the deepest darkest realms of Hell. Deep in a forest, Vasuki tries to ambush Kali. The giant serpent and the mighty demon engage themselves in a deadly duel unto death. The seven sages reveal the true purpose of Kalki’s life to him. They commence Kalki’s training in the Sapta Anantha. Down on Earth, Vishnu Sharma is bullied at school and feels helpless when his action figure is broken into two. True to the spirit of the series, I am Kalki- The Red book Vol 2 is dark, high on action with a lot of mystical forces trying to prepare for Armageddon. It also gives you a brief description of all the Human Characters involved in the series. Let the adventures of the most violent God begin!
‘I am Kalki’ is segregated with the name of different colored books starting from The Golden book which includes elementary gods and heavenly demons, The Silver book Vol 1 with Rishi’s, The Red book Vol 2 with humans and The Black book Vol 3 with demons though the story begins in The Silver Book . Golden book is like a preview ,guide book to the whole series & most of the Important characters.
“I am Kalki The Red Book”Vol 2 is created and edited by Karan vir Arora, written and edited by Shashank Avvaru, penciled by Rishi Bhardwaj, coloured by Alex and lettered by Raghu.Vimanika Comics is presently working on its part 2 Graphic Nove lof Dashaavataar Vol 2.

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