Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Libera Artisi showcases debut comic book titled ‘Auto Pilot’ at First Ever Comic Con Bengaluru

Founded in 2009 by Sinu Chandrasenan, Kishore and Roshan, Libera Artisi is a group of artists, which believes in breaking the ice by executing creative ideas wrapped with their own innovative art styles and has recently showcased their first debut comic book titled ‘Auto Pilot’ at first ever Comic Con Bengaluru.

Published by Dragonmill Media Pvt. Ltd., Auto Pilot is a series of ten comic books and the recently launched is the 1st volume from the series, a 50 page comic book, is an urban fantasy with an Indian Mythological touch revolving around the story of Suku, an auto rickshaw driver, who ends up having to play chauffeur to Yamaraj, the Indian God of Death. Armed with a rather misplaced desire to be a super hero and immediate necessity to win back the heart of his dream girl, Suku embarks on an unusual quest that takes him on a bumpy ride form Kerala through Yamapuri and beyond.

Targeted at the readers, who love to experience a tale of adventure, comedy and fantasy, Auto Pilot is written by Kishore Mohan with the art side executed by Sinu Chandrasenan, Colors done by Roshan and Letters brought about by Aditya Bidikar. It has taken around 50 days for the team to complete the book and to bring about a unique feel of the comic book; the team composed the book with a vibrant color palette and also executed extreme stylization for the characters.

Speaking to Animationxpress.com’s Zeenia Boatwala about the making of Auto Pilot, Sinu Chandrasenan, Co-Founder of Libera Artisti, says,” The aim of Auto Pilot is to deliver good stories with extra visual extravaganza to it. I am happy to share that, the writer of the Comic, Kishore Mohan, has done intense homework and research on developing the contents for the script. Coming to the artistic front, it took me a lot of initial sketching to lock on the designs and stylization. Roshan too had his fun with experimenting on different coloring styles before we decided the final look of Auto Pilot. The main challenge of developing Auto Pilot was in the fresh initial stages of planning out the comic. It took us quite a time to decide on the style to follow for the comic.”

Priced at INR 200, Auto Pilot will soon be available in all major book stores throughout India.

Till date, Libera Artisi has worked on varied pre-production works for animation including character design, storyboarding, visual development, background design, layouts, etc with working on children books, illustration works and comics.

Currently, Libera Artisi is working with the Animation team at Dragonmill Media and our handling the pre-production and Art direction of a 22 minuter episodic series titled, ‘Cocoman’, which is a character from their Auto-pilot Comic Book.

Expressing thoughts on the experience at the first ever Comic Con Bengaluru, Sinu, shares, “Comic Con Bengaluru was, by far, the best comic con, which happened in India. The public support was great with a positive response overall. Autopilot copies were sold out by the mid of the second day at the con.”


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