Sunday, August 25, 2013


Holy Cow Entertainment Unveils Plans for Comic Con Express Hyderabad Edition

The passion for giving out more and more to the Indian comic industry keeps Vivek Goel, CEO of Holy Cow Entertainment in news with every comic con season.
And, with comic con express Hyderabad edition, Vivek brings an end to the well received comic book series on Aghori as he will wind up his take on the life of Aghori with a 94 pages Aghori Book 4. Prior to this, Vivek would be releasing comic book on Ravanayan on 30th August and showcasing it again for the comic enthusiasts at Comic Con Express Hyderabad.
Aghori has given a new dimension to Holy Cow Entertainment with its nomination as the best series of the year at the Annual comic con awards in Delhi and the 4th version of this book is also surrounded with a horror and supernatural blend and aimed at teen adults. The very first book in this series was launched last year at Comic Con Express Bangalore.
nullEmphasizing more on what’s the punch in Aghori Book 4, Vivek Goel, says, “In this book, you would see the protagonist Vira going toe to toe with a certain someone to rea claim his lost son. But, it all ends up very badly for him and the climax is the one that you will love to read. This book will pave way for a very special character making his debut in the 2nd arc of Aghori which is set for delivery in 2014.’
Past two years have been great for Holy Cow Entertainment as it is giving out a new mythology story with every comic con season and clinching huge crowds at their Comic Con booths. To give an attractive touch to Aghori and Ravanayan series, Vivek Goel has decided to sell out the series in combination packs for the comic auds. The price of Aghori Book 4 would be INR 250 and Ravayan Finale will be available at INR 160.
A credit rundown for Aghori and Ravanayan centers on Ram.V. Writing the series, the artworks being carried about by Vivek himself and Gaurav Shrivastav whereas Colors dealt by Yogesh Pugaonkar
When asked Vivek about the USP of Aghori, he, highlights” It is an unexplored territory and the inspiring journey of Vira with gripping dialogues and kickass art.”
According to Vivek, writer Ram .V has done a great job by researching on Aghori’s and also interviewing them and then instilled everything in form of stories.
On the concluding note, Vivek shares, “Most of our readers as a matter of fact are people who have come back to comics just because of what we are doing with our series. We are still learning and every single release teaches us a lot of new things. We already have a set vision and path for us in 2014, awesome titles have been lined up for the coming year and I can just say that “we are going big in 2014”!

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