Monday, March 3, 2014

Vimanika Comics' I am Kalki Vol-4

Vimanika Comics, founded and spearheaded by Karan Vir Arora is currently working on Volume 4 in I am Kalki Series. The story line of this book revolves around the flood calamity that had taken place last year at Uttarakhand in India.
Previously, I am Kalki the golden book and the black book vol. 3 had grabbed the Best Cover Award at Comic Con India editions of 2011 and 2013.
Revealing more on the synopsis of this book to, Karan Vir Arora, CEO and Editor in Chief, Vimanika Comics, says, “The disaster at Uttarakhand looked natural, it felt natural, but was it really natural? Or was it a nightmare concocted by demons to put Kalki through the ultimate test? When several faithful followers end up trapped facing certain death during Uttarakhand’s terrifying earthquake, Kalki races against time and Fate in order to save lives and find answers.”
Adds more “When everything in his life seems to be crumbling apart, Vishnu’s encounter with a kind young stranger who risks his own life to save the young boy seems all too good to be true. With no one else left to live for and nowhere else to go Vishnu places everything in this man’s hands not knowing whether happiness will follow or regret.”
“Satya in his passionate quest to uncover the truth behind Ramesh’s political party and ideals ends up in Mumbai slums to find a woman that has isolated herself from the world after her life was shattered by Ramesh. Little does Satya know what he is getting himself into – hidden truths that people with power don’t want the world to know; truths that people are willing to kill for.”, Informs further.
Kalki has been entirely conceptualized by Karan Vir along with wife Supriya Arora and for the very first time Vimanika’ senior artist, Amit Tayal, would be sketching & coloring this issue from I Am Kalki series.
“We would also be introducing some concept arts of places related and connected to the Kalki universe.” Shares more
Karan Vir feels that through this book, which is tentatively set for delivery in May 2014, he is addressing an environmental and social cause in a contemporary way.
Writer of this book, Shashank Avvaru gives a concluding statement by saying “The Uttarakhand disaster has touched and broken millions of lives. Many of us wished for a what-if situation in which everyone could survive. With The White Book, that is what we are doing. If not in reality, at least on paper, we are trying to produce hope in a natural calamity.”

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