Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Super Sikh Comics Release First Issue With Secret Agent Singh

After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised 450% of its targeted funding, Super Sikh comic book creators Supreet Singh Manchanda, an Indian American executive; and Eileen Kaur Alden have released the first comic in their series, titled “Issue One: Takeoff and Landing,” a press release reported. The series features Deep Singh, a turban-wearing superhero who works a tech job by day and fights villains by night (see earlier India-West story here:
The first issue takes Singh from Punjab, India and launches him “into a fast-paced, zany adventure in the U.S. for the first time” on a dream vacation to see Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home. Singh, however, quickly realizes that no matter where he is, there are baddies on the prowl.
“Each issue is a cliffhanger… You’ll see humor, new characters introduced and a lot more from the notorious Taliban villain Al Amok and his gang over the next three issues,” said Alden in the press release.
Manchanda, an Indian American Silicon Valley executive, and Alden, a Bay Area comic book and screenplay writer, first came together to create Super Sikh to combat the identity stereotypes surrounding turbans and Sikhismthat are pervasive in Western society today. They joined forces with Amit Tayal, a Comic-Con India award-winning artist, who brings a blend of action and humor to the colorful pages.
They share a hope that Secret Agent Singh will become a role model for Sikh kids everywhere, especially those who deal with bullying, said a press release.
“Sikh kids see comic book heroes like Iron Man, Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy and even Eggsy from ‘Kingsman’ and watch these characters deal with complex modern problems and ethics. So we think our comics are a great way to show how a modern Sikh superhero with traditional Sikh values can be just as relatable, and the story can be just as exciting and entertaining,” said Manchanda.
Alden added, “I think the Western reader… will be able to get beyond the fact that Deep looks different and see that he stands for equality, defends the innocent, and has strong family bonds. They will recognize that his core Sikh values are really universal values!”

Super Sikh’s “Issue One: Takeoff and Landing” is now available for purchase and will be on shelves at comic book stores soon. 

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