Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cosplayers At Dastaan-E-Pakistan

en Best Cosplayers At Dastaan-E-Pakistan Comic Con 2015

A three day comic convention Dastaan-e-Pakistan Comic Convention 2015 (DPCC) or more casually a meet up took place on 20, 21 and 22 February at Kidz Dunya, Karachi.
The Comic convention was setup especially to bring the stars and their fans on one platform. There were some social media icons including Babrus Khan, the guys behind Bakwas Vines and many more.
One of the organizers Ahmed Saeed, CEO of Kalaam Studios said the comic con was organized to bring in all the new talent at one place so their fans and admirers can meet them.
Apart from book stalls, discussions, question sessions and Xbox gaming the prominent features were the release of Saker Comics by Lucid Concepts.
And last but not the least were the cosplays.
Now as comic conventions are bit boring without cosplays – and totally dull without ranking those cosplays – so we have just done that…
Here is the list.

10. Vandetta & Ironman

 photo RobinandVandetta.jpg
9. These three guys

 photo thesethreeguys.jpg

8. Kakashi

 photo Kakashi.jpg

7. Robin and Rorschach

 photo Robinandrorschach.jpg

6. Captain Jack Sparrow

 photo CaptainJackSparrow.jpg

5. Pyramid Head
 photo Hammerhead.jpg

4. Robbers from Pay Day 2
 photo Jokergang.jpg

3. Bloody Nasreen
 photo Bloodynasreen.jpg

2. Riddler
 photo Riddler.jpg

1. Hawkeye
 photo Hawkeye.jpg

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