Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Shanti Pirate Queen in Flintlock by Steve Tanner

DESIblitz speaks to Time Bomb Comic’s Steve Tanner about his comic book series ‘Flintlock’ featuring a South Asian Pirate Queen called Shanti.
Birmingham-based artist Steve Tanner is the editor, publisher and owner of Time Bomb Comics.
His latest comic series Flintlock features a South Asian character called Shanti. Set in the 18th century, Shanti is a Pirate Queen from India.
Shanti is actually one of the first regular South Asian characters to appear in a comic book.
Besides Kamala Khan’s Ms Marvel series, seeing a South Asian character on the cover of a Comic Book is an extreme rarity.
In an exclusive interview, Steve Tanner tells DESIblitz about his company, Flintlock and Shanti as well as his thoughts on South Asian under representation in the industry and diversity in the indie and mainstream worlds of comic books.


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