Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Set from yali Dream Creations

New Set From Yali Dream Creations Now Available For Order

Yali Dream Creations have released the new set of comics, introducing their first superhero comics project Rakshak. The set also includes omnibus edition of Carvan: Khooni Jung and TnT (Taraknath Tantrik): Andher Nagari Part 1, which are the hindi translated issues of Carvan Bloodwar and TnT City of Sorrows. The set is available for order from YDC Official Website on heavy discounts and with free art cards as well. The set starts shipping from July 15.
Rakshak is the story of a war hero Retired Captain Aditya Shergill who returns to his home in Delhi after his final mission in Kashmir, to live with her prodigal sister and her family. After a horrible incident that shatters his family, Aditya takes up the responsibility to protect the weak and defenseless, and become their Rakshak.
Rakshak marks the entry of YDC in superhero comics domain. The first series of Rakshak will consist of 3 issues. The story and script is written by Shamik Dasgupta, pencils by Pramit Santra and colors by Prasad Patnaik.
Carvan: Khooni Jung
Khooni Jung is a prequel to The Carvan, which was released last year in hindi. The story of Khooni Jung is set in the year 1976 and revolves around the revenge of Madhurakshi from the Bhediya Khan. Bhediya Khan attacked her village Devgarh, and shattered her family, honor and respect. Madhurakshi knows that Bhediya Khan is a barbarian, to fight with daemons she calls for daemons and the blood war begins.
Khooni Jung is coming as a mega omnibus edition in hindi and with many arts reworked for the hindi issue. Translation and lettering is done by Vibhav Pandey.
TnT (Taraknath Tantrik): Andher Nagari
Based on a character created by Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay (Pather Panchali, Aranyak) Taranath Tantrik is a supernatural thriller on the backdrop of the enigmatic and mystical city of present time Kolkata. Paranormal Investigator Taranath Tantrik and his three young friends Shankar, a CID officer, Vibhuti, a horror novelist and Sneha a Journalist get involved in a series of mysterious insanity outbreaks that plagues the city police and baffles the health department.
TnT Andher Nagari will come in two parts, translation and lettering for hindi issues is done by Vibhav Pandey.

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