Sunday, February 26, 2012

Comic Con India-2012.

A Comic Book Legend
Comic Con India is inaugurated with a traditional Indian lamp lighting ceremony with special guests.
 This year the event hosted legendary American comic book artist Robert Crumb (known for the popular
 Fritz The Cat and Keep On Truckin' comics) and his artist-wife Aline Kominsky-Crumb. “This is our first time
 in India and perhaps this could inspire us to create something based on our visit,” said the 68-year-old Crumb.

Until Next Year An attendee dresses up as Comic Con India mascot Superkudi.

Costume Combat
Costume competition participants in all their glory. From left, Monika Smriti took the first prize ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland 
with a costume based on Magdalena, from Top Cow Comics; runner ups include gothic action icon The Crow and Azazel from Marvel's X-Men.

Cocoman Debuts
Cocoman, short for Coconut Man, makes an appearance. The character is part of a newly launched comic series called Auto Pilot, 
developed by Libera Artisti,which is based in Trivandrum, South India.

And the Winner Is...
Comic Con Inida holds a daily costume contest called Cosplay. Daaneshpal Singh Anand took home a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland for 
his his costume based on Shan Yu,
the villain from Disney's Mulan.


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