Sunday, February 26, 2012


Lightsabre Rattling
Every comic convention on the planet must have a lightsabre battle in honor of Star Wars, and Comic Con India is no exception.

With Most Popular Indian Comic Character ''Shikari Sambhok''

Global renowned comic Artist  Mr. Aadil Khan.

Aadil khan and Respected Sajay Gupta (Mastermind of Raj Comics ).

 Fenil Sherdiwala(Owner of Fenil Comics ) and Most popular Indian comics Script writer Mr. Ansar Akhtar (with comic),

Aadil Khan with Comics Fan.

Aadil with Hulk.

Hoooo....!! Freddy is back......A fan dressed as iconic horror character ''Freddy''.

Aaaaaaa..........!! Freddy is not Dead....!!

Me and Aadil with 9xn TV character Bheegi Billi .

with Supandi.

Aadil with a foreigner Comics fan

Me and Aadil With Ansar Aktar. 

Batman arch-villian Poison Ivy.

This year the event hosted legendary American comic book artist Robert Crumb (With Cap)

Comics Crazy.

Aadil khan with Jedi Robs and....??...... ;)

With TINTIN.....


With ''Super Kudi'' (Comic Con India mascot-2012)

Aadil with Cinderella. 

S.M.Raza me and Aadil khan with IRON MAN.

S.M.Raza me and Aadil khan with IRON MAN.

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