Thursday, July 26, 2012

Uday Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan launch YRF's Yomics - Comics that are not just for kids

Well, this news will enthrall comic lovers for sure!
With a Tagline of Not Just for Kids, Yash Raj Films has launched ‘Yomics’, which are comics based on  movies and characters from YRF.  Yomics which are the brainchild of Uday Chopra,  are published by BPI INDIA PVT LTD.
The Dhoom Jodi, Uday Chopra along with Abhishek Bachchan unveiled the Yomics line up at a special event at Yash Raj Studios yesterday. The newly launched line-up includes titles such as DHOOM 893-’, EK THA TIGER.
The Dhoom Yomic blends with it a comic named ‘Daya Prochu’ – the Little Guy with a Big Attitude whereas ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ combines ‘Hum Tum’ comics with it. Dhoom Yomic is priced at Rs 199/- & Ek Tha Tiger at Rs 99/-.
At present ‘EK THA TIGER’ and ‘DHOOM 893’ are available on sale at Major Book Stores, Crosswords, Landmark, Odyssey, Tescos, Teksons, and Om Book Store. They are currently
available in English & Hindi and will be translated into regional languages as well.
Yomics is Uday Chopra’s Brain Child; he is the writer of Yomics. Comics and Graphics Novels are Uday’s Love and Passion and to keep this passion burning alive he thought of delivering a comic series that not only aims to the kiddies but also to the mass readers & that’s the reason for the Yomics tagline ‘NOT JUST FOR KIDS’.
Speaking to’s Zeenia Boatwala, Uday Chopra shared, “Yomics is visually very appealing. It’s colorful and at the same time simple. I’ve always seen dark color treatments for comics and so decided to create something which spreads an aura of happiness to the readers & also the quality and material of Yomics sets it apart from other comic books.”
With Yomics, Uday’s vision is to create a space where readers not only read comics for fun, but also start appreciating it as an Art Form.
Uday aims at delivering indigenous content and wants to create fresh concepts and stories for the comic lovers.
Commenting more on the aspect which makes Yomics different than other comics, Uday stated, “Yomics is different because we have launched not just one, but a series of comics. Every month a new ‘Yomic’ will release & we will be adding the fifth title release during Diwali.”
Abhishek Bachchan was extremely delighted & happy for his friend Uday’s dream of creating a comic space come to reality. According to Abhishek, The best aspect of Dhoom Yomic is creating it for Mass audience, be it a kid or an old aged person, anyone would enjoy reading Dhoom.
Bollywood spread across their wishes to Uday, Salman Khan and Rani Mukerji wished Uday all the success for his new beginning by leaving a message on an audio visual showcased at the launch event.
Yash Raj films have created a Yomics application for IPAD, IPOD, and Android, which will be out soon. You can take a glimpse of the official website of Yomics by Logging on and also visit the Face Book Page and Twitter Page


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