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Final Book Launches At Comic Con Express Bangalore

Final Book Launches At Comic Con Express Bangalore

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1.     Title- Aghori
Published By: Holy Cow Entertainment
The synopsis: An ordinary man – thrust into extraordinary circumstances. A father torn from his family, a simple man caught in a struggle of good and evil.
Vikram Roy’s life is turned into a living hell, over the course of a single fateful night. But, born of the fire and ash, is a man who refuses to lie down and die. Not while he has questions that need answering – not while he has someone to protect.
In his desperation Vikram Roy turns to an unusual education for answers and twelve years on, returns to his world changed – as Vira, The Aghori.
Now, he wanders the dark places where nightmares linger, searching for the one thing he loves, the one thing he must protect – at all costs.
Army of Bees
Army of Bees
2.     Title-  Army of Bees
Published By: Pipedream Labs
The Synopsis: ”Rudy was an amalgamation of raw genius and pure revenge. The Man was there, the motive was there with the man, the target was naive and exposed, and the weapon was lethal and unique – hundred thousand poisonous bees!
A fight with an Equal for Dr Ajax and His Nano force with an Army of Bees
3.     Title- Batu Gaiden
Published By: Level 10 Comics

The Synopsis: After the last Great War between the three prime races of Humans, Vanars and Rakshasas, the kings of the three races decided to sign a treaty and replace warfare with the game of the gods: Kree Kaht.
They decided that In future, there would be no pointless loss of lives, instead all disputes and territorial annexations would be contested in the playing field with each kingdom sending their Kree Kaht team to represent their cause.
From the sleepy village of Dharampur comes a young and promising Dandavik (Kree Kaht player)named Batu, and this story is about his singular quest to become the greatest Dandavik in all of Bhumi. His enemies will be many, his trials legion, his origins forever shrouded in mystery.
4.     Title-“Kurukshetra Yuddha”
Published By: Mrinal Rai
The Synopsis: First part of the trilogy, this is re-telling of the story of the great war of Mahabharata, with focus on the battle, the strategies, vyuhas, warriors who came from distant lands, legends and most importantly the young warriors, the sons of the kings and other heroes.
These youngsters came to participate in a war which might be the greatest one ever fought in the country.
Five of them had their mother humiliated by a powerful king and they along with their fathers are determined to take revenge. They pledged not to entertain any pleasure of the world till they avenge their mother’s disgrace.
Two of them came for their father, two very different personalities, sons of the same warrior who is regarded as the greatest among all. Though born of the same father, these two youngsters are very different; one is more frank and straight forward and is regarded by some as shadow of his own father, while the other one is of very reserved nature and hails from a country of nagas and knows magic beyond one’s imagination. He has been instructed by his mother to hold his head low, among the great kings and specially his step-brother. Both of them have high regard for each other but are hesitant to speak to each other.
One of the youngsters has blame on his head that he is the son of a king who is a cheater. Disregarding that blame, he is all set to fight for the sake of his father, and he is more than excited to know that he will be fighting under the command of his great grandfather who is the most respected warrior on the battlefield.
A story of knowledge, ancient kingdoms, heroic deeds, emotions, blessings, curse, vile and virtue enveloped in the atmosphere of a bloody war, its strategies, vyuhas, battles, murders, and heroic departures of brave warriors by hundreds and thousands.

This book is story of first ten days of the war, the first part titled “Yuganta”, where you will find the detailed descriptions of the vyuhas, the warriors and individual wars and the teachings of Geeta embedded in the talks among various heroes and youngsters.
5.     Title- P5 (Pandavas 5), 5 Editions of Comic 
Published By: RudraMatsa Entertainment” (RME)
The Synopsis: Anime inspired P5 Comics elaborate the story of “Kuru regime, is in search of their next prince, the story of P5 revolves around the adventures of five charming and uniquely talented Pandavas and their journey from rigorous training at
Dronacharya’s hermitage to winning spectacularly at a competition held in the city of Panchal. Added to that, instructions on craftsmanship of a warrior from Krupacharya, constant encouragement from Bhishma Pitamah, the resentful competition from their cousins—the Kauravas— the Pandavas excel at the art of warfare  and aesthetics”.
6.  Title- Payback
Published By: Pop Culture Publishing
The Synopsis: A fast-paced, action-packed spy thriller unlike any other comic in India. Guns, explosions, espionage, and double agents – the relentlessly paced exploits of Agent 93 will keep you glued to edge of your seat. Payback is a dizzying ride through the sinister world of secret agents, terrorism, and cut-throat politics, as the clock runs down on millions of Indian lives.
7.     Title- Shiva –The Legends of the Immortal-Book II
Concept: Karan vir Arora
Research & Associate Partner-Shail Gulhati
Cover art: Amit Tayal & Abdul Rasheed
Art: Hemant Kumar
Script: Kshitish Padhy
Colors: Abdul Rasheed
Publisher India: Vimanika Comics
Rating: All Ages
Format: Graphic Novel (65 Pages)
Price: 150/- INR
The Synopsis: After the huge success of Shiva – The Legends of the Immortal Book I (Graphic Novel)
Vimanika Comics presents its sequel Shiva – The Legends of the Immortal Book II. The sequel promises to match and perhaps exceed the critical acclaim & Success of the first graphic novel of the Shiva series. Buoyed by the success of the Book I, team Vimanika has crafted this story in a first person narrative with Lord Shiva acting as the narrator.
The sequel picks up from the point where the first story ends. Lord Shiva has turned into a Aghori(Nomad) and is grieving for his beloved Sati. Sensing an opportunity to prolong his reign, a tyrant Asura(Demon) called Tarkasur seeks a boon from Lord Brahma that he might be killed only by the son of Shiva. Tarkasur then ushers a reign of terror and oppression destroying Vedic culture. He conquers the three Lokas and the Devas are forced to live in exile. Lord Vishnu assures the Devas that Maa Jagdambe will take a reincarnation in the form of Parvati. Shiva – The Legend of Immortals II, dwells extensively on a love story of Lord Shiva and Parvati and the interesting incidents of their marriage.
8.     Title- The Crocodile Man
Published By: Pipedream Labs
The Synopsis: When the newly demoted Ajax visited the newly promoted Detective Jack bean, nostalgic laughter, global politics and local weather were on platter. But when Ajax saw those pictures, he felt something coming back to life, some sort of old devil resurrected in him. May be his long lost explorer-self was coming out of hibernation. Those pictures had something in them that was going to change Doctor Ajax’s office, otherwise a rusted vet hospital, into the epicenter of scientific investigation of historic proportions. Witness the beginning of Nano Force, full of surprises and ambition.”
9.     Title-  The Hostage Story
Published By: Pipedream Labs
The Synopsis: “Douglas was captured in a dark and dingy place, had a broken leg, had a problem in balancing, yet he was expected to dodge and find his way out of his captivity.
Mark and Monica lead this near impossible mission from the inside of Douglas’s body, from one dark corner to another -from one crisis to other -A unique story of the fight outside and the struggle within.
10. Title-  The Invisible Man
Published By: Pipedream Labs
The Synopsis: ”Igor Ivanov had a strange fetish, an obsession for prehistoric Art-crafts. Like every obsession this one took him to the edge of his existence and he became a mad wanderer, hunting and stealing in museums around the town. The problem was not one but many. He was an ex-con, he was good at his job, he was very angry but most of all, he was invisible – well, almost.
11. Title- The Life of Mario 1950
Published By: Mario Miranda Gallery
The Synopsis: Mario is about to turn 24 and has returned to Goa after graduating in English Literature from St Xavier’s College in Bombay.
He is rediscovering the charms of family life and the beauty of his picturesque village of Loutolim with its river and hill (Monte). His gang of friends has grown and so has their capacity to organize Party’s, Picnics and Adventures. They have discovered the attraction of women, but still prefer their stag parties. Bandu is his most interesting friend and the speechmaker of the group and an aspiring dancer. Bordalo (Paulito) has a great swagger and Nelson is the bard.
This Diary is the centre of his life, where he records all goings on.  His family of pets is growing and includes Dogs, Cats, Pigs and Ducks. Each one of them he christens with a meaningful name along with a surname explaining their linage.
His favorite is Pantaleao, who follows and embarrasses him and climbs into his bed on cold nights. His family has a high turnover of cooks and bearers with Gabru the head cook providing much joy and stability.
12. Title- The Templar
Published By: Chariot Comic
“I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints and prevailed against them.”
- Daniel 7:21
The Synopsis: An epic action adventure on a scale never before seen in Indian comics. Watch as we re-imagine history and bring you an epic fantasy adventure story set in the Old World – with a twist.
13. Title- The Wise Fool of Baghdad
Published By: Sufi Comics
The synopsis: The Wise Fool of Baghdad is the stories of Bahlool in 7th Century Baghdad.  These stories of wit, humor & wisdom have been passed down from one generation to the next till the present day where they are narrated in gatherings to explain the spiritual teachings in Islam for the young and old.  For the first time, these stories have been made available in the form of Sequential Art (comics).  After each story, the sacred verses of the Qur’an & Traditions of the Prophet have been inscribed in hand written Islamic Calligraphy to expound the spiritual message of these stories.
14. Title- TIMPA & The Runners Of The Golden Horn 
      (The Indian Version of Tintin ) 
Published By: Pop Culture Publishing
The Synopsis: Smugglers! Murder! Mystery! Join Timpa, the boy detective, and his cranky grandfather for another amazing adventure. From the crowded streets of Delhi to the lush forests of Kaziranga, their road is riddled with time-bombs and assassins. Catch the next instalment of the popular Timpa series, as our brave hero tries to take down notorious rhino hunters and expose the runners of the golden horn!
15. Title- War of the Independents #3
Plot & Art: Dave Ryan
Cover art: Todd Nauck
Flip cover art: Chris Giarrusso
Script: Robert Sodaro
Colors & Letters: Wilson Ramos Jr.
Publisher India: Vimanika Comics
Rating: All Ages
Format: Comic (32 pgs)
Price: 50
The Synopsis: War of the Independents raves across the multiversity, and in this issue the supermen are on their way to Norway to locate the fabled hammer, belt and gloves of Thor, the legendary Norse god of thunder. Meanwhile the villain, Maldestrak — a being of godlike power  who is pure evil , and bent on the utter destruction of all forms of life — arrives there first acquires the magical items as well as their incredible power; then proceeds to kick everyone’s butts. Guest stars this issue include the Tick, Atomica, Karna and El Gato Negro, as well as many others.
16.    Title- The Legends of Aveon
Published By: Rovolt
Synopsis: After his ordeal in the train to Vexadus and his miraculous rescue of the Princess, Tez is invited as a Royal guest to the magnificent city. Tez’s amazement is quickly replaced by his sense of duty as the King chooses him to be personal aide to Lunestra, but not all seems very happy about it. Count Krura, the nobleman who is obsessed with Princess Lunestra, considers him to be a pest and tries to make his life miserable. Tez comes face to face with the politics that will soon bring a great discord to the peace of Aveon 9 as Chunargh a rival state conspires against it under the leadership of King Agorra Tanashah. Lunestra invites Tez and Krura to a risky and dangerous underground racing circuit at a shady district of Vexadus but who knew it would turn into a race to shocking revelations?
Main Attraction at CCEB:
“Indian Comics Journal - A Periodical by Comic Con India”
It is a periodical about comic, books, comic strips, graphic novels, & in fact anything & everything about the Indian comics industry. The journal covers the happenings of the comic world, profiles of established & new writers & artists, reviews on latest publications & reports about every ‘comical’ development that gets caught in their radar.
The 1st issue of ICJ was launched at the 2nd Comic Con India in Feb 2012.
Now, the 2nd issue is ready and will be out at the Comic Con Express Bangalore in September.
Highlights of the 2nd issue of ICJ:
  • We were fortunate enough to have the participation of personalities like Farzana Contractor, Editor, UpperCrust India, Gerson Da Cunha, Adman, Actor & Activist, Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks & the versatile Pritish Nandy in giving a fitting tribute to the legend, Mario de Miranda.
  • Also featuring a special interview with John Ficarra, Editor, MAD magazine straight from the San Diego Comics Convention.
  • OrIjit Sen writes about his day out with Robert and Aline Crumb in Daryaganj.
  • Samhita Arni’s Sita’s Ramayana made it to the NY Time’s Bestsellers List and we catch up with her to know about her experience.
  • The country boasts of a huge fan following of Manga art and oblivious to all of them, there exists a Manga cafe right here in Delhi – we give you all the details about it.
  • Get high on the crazy genius of Steve Ditko – the man who is ‘also’ the creator of Spiderman along with Stan Lee.
  •  And meet the winners of the first ever Independent Grant for Best Unpublished Work.

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