Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damayaan Comic Book Launched at First Ever Comic Con Bengaluru

After a rocking success at the Box office with the animated movie ‘Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damayaan’, Green Gold is now out with its latest comic book on the movie, titled ‘Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damayaan’ launched at first ever Comic Con Express Bengaluru .Priced at INR 249, the comic book is a full 104 pages; created by Rajiv Chilaka, Narrated by Arpita Adilabadkar and Graphic   by Uma Maheshwari
Speaking to about Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damayaan Comic Book Launched at first ever Comic Con Express Bengaluru, Rajiv Chilaka, Creator of Chhota Bheem and Founder of Green Gold Animation, shared, “We have sold almost 300 books in two days of Comic Con Express Bengaluru, which is very good for a book that is priced at INR 249. We were delighted to see the faces of children lit up when they heard their favorite movie now available in comic format. We look forward to bring more such smiles to Children around the world.”
“I really love the way that our team has introduced the Characters in the beginning of the comic. In terms of story “it would naturally be Bheem defeating Damayaan in the end. Personally, I love gifting this book to Chhota Bheem fans who visit our studio.
At present the Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damayaan Comic Book is available in all major and leading book stores and it will soon be released as a Mobile App. Green Gold is currently working on their next Chhota Bheem comic ‘Dholakpur to Kathmandu’ and is also gearing up for the launch of Mighty Raju Comics.
Informing about USP, experiences while making this comic and the expectations, Rajiv, stated, “The USP is definitely the Super Star luster of Chhota Bheem in combination with beautiful digitally generated imagery. We had a great time making this comic. We first wanted to release this comic along with the release of the movie, but we thought it may be a risky move to do it alongside the movie, and hence postponed. We expect to sell around 10,000 copies of the comic in a year and I’m sure every fan of Bheem would love to buy this book.”

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