Saturday, September 15, 2012

Exclusive Preview: The Legends of Aveon 9 - The Train to Vexadus

Mumbai based studio Rovolt is coming up with 3 titles which are scheduled to release one after another. Aveon 9, Tiggou and MetaFreakz are slated to release in the months of April, May and July respectively. All these three titles are in 3 different formats – Aveon9 is a comic book, whereas Tiggou is a preschool book and MetaFreakz is a graphic novel.
Speaking about Aveon 9 to, Ashutosh R. Joshi from Rovolt says, “Aveon9 is a comic book which we will be releasing first in the month of April. The concept and story of Aveon 9 is written by Shamik Dasgupta. Also we had couple of international artists who worked on the artwork and designs of the book.”
The book contains 32 main pages and 6 to 8 pages covering the back story which will introduce new characters, new species and aliens of the story. The price of the book has not been decided yet, but Ashutosh said that the book will be priced in medium to high bracket because Rovolt intends to give the best artwork in a quality package to the readers.
Story of Aveon 9 is based a few thousand years into the future where humans find themselves the masters of a new planet, Aveon 9. While establishing their supremacy, they pissed off more natives than they pleased and of course there were repercussions. Now there’s chaos and anarchy with three warring factions fighting for dominance.

Rovolt has decided to release the book in the form of seasons wherein the first season of Aveon 9 will include 7 issues which will be released every month. The studio had a very small team of artists who worked on the book and on an average took 40 to 45 days to complete one book. Aveon 9 is colourful and it follows the specific steam punk pattern with lots of colour and texture.
Tiggou is a pre-school story book for the target audience of 4 to 6 age group. It’s a story of a tiger prince who at some point will become the king of jungle. He loves to study and his favorite subject is Math. The major highlight of Tiggou is that it’s not just an illustrated book but an activity book. The book will be interspersed with activities like connect the dots, coloring and some other puzzles solving/ completing that will take the story forward.
MetaFreakz is a graphic novel targeting the age group of 8 years and above. It’s a story about 6 or 7 kids in an age group of 7 to 12, each of them have some kind of super hero powers and how they save the world. The concept was created by Manish and written by international artist Quill Von Yorrick. It’s a 100 pages book whose artwork includes subtle inks and two tone texture style of coloring.
About the challenges faced, Ashutosh asserts, “The first challenge was to keep our senses about ourselves and not go over board with anything, secondly finding artists was a challenge because we do want to give the audience an Indian book which has international quality and last challenge was the timely deliverables.”
These books will be available in-stores as well online. In addition to these 3 titles, Rovolt is currently working on the pre-production for the animated series on Tiggou and MetaFreakz which includes 13 episodes of 22 minutes. Furthermore, Rovolt also has plans to carry on Aveon 9 for at least 4 seasons.

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