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Campfire Graphic Novels.

Campfire Graphic Novels to Conduct Talking in Panels: The Art of Story Telling Workshop: Call for Entries

You must be reading a lot of graphic novels, but do you know the techniques and style, which if developed can make you a graphic novel creator? You need not look anywhere else to learn it because ‘Talking in Panels: The Art of Story Telling’ Workshop by Campfire Graphic Novels will show you the way!
As all the comic lovers are gearing up for Comic Con Bangalore which is taking off on the 1st of next month, Campfire Graphic Novels is making its mark at this comic con season with the launch of their graphic novel Julius Caesar and is calling for entries for its new workshop on creating graphic novels in association with Oxford Book Store!
This eight session workshop, all sessions being of an hour each, will be conducted by artist Lalit Kumar Sharma and editor Aadithyan Mohan. Lalit is an artist with 10 years of experience in the field of comic books and graphic novels and has around 40 books to his credit. For Campfire, he has worked on Muhammad Ali: King of the Ring and The Prisoner of Zenda, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to name a few.
Recently entering the comic industry as an editor, Aadithyan Mohan has just finished working on his debut project which was the graphic novel adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Prior to comics, he has been a part of several theatre groups and a theatre workshop and has directed a few plays, also done freelance voice over work in different contexts.
Lalit and Aadithyan, in this workshop, will make the participants aware about the proper approach towards creating good sequential art and stories; teaching them to groom and polish their story ideas, and allow the participants to present them in their chosen visual forms, combined with text.
Speaking to’s Zeenia Boatwala about this workshop, Munendra Patanker, Marketing Manager, Campfire Graphic Novels, shares, “We bring our expertise in this field, and Oxford book store give us the space and means by which we can extend this expertise to anybody who wishes to participate in the workshop. A lot of people know how to draw perfect anatomical representations, and amazingly realistic renditions of the world around them and have amazing ideas in their minds that can be made into well told stories. But a truly good work in the field of comics and graphic novels comes out of these two elements working together. In this workshop we will discuss ideas and how an artist or a writer can best present those ideas interestingly.”
An interesting range of topics will be delivered in the workshop which circles around the process of drawing a comic book page, the process of writing for a comic book pag, Layout and composition, Story-boarding, Character design, Backgrounds, Drawing style and mood, Figure drawing and body language, Choreography of a situation, Drawing and words as tools for storytelling and the topics would be discussed in relation to storytelling and be presented in the sequential form.
Elaborating in depth about the topics, Munendra shares further by saying, “The process of drawing a comic book page will describe how the separate elements of a page come together. How panels interact and how they add to the storytelling. The process of writing for a comic book page will introduce how the script is broken down, and how it can be edited to achieve maximum impact. We will explain the processes creators’ use, from writing a story on a blank page to converting that to the final illustration of a comic book or graphic novel page. Different elements and concepts will be discussed, concentrating on how to make a simple situation interesting, creating settings that draw the reader in, and make compelling characters that move and act on the page for maximum effect. These ideas will be explained in such a manner that participants can seamlessly use these concepts in their own creations.”
The workshop fee is around INR 2500-3000 and for knowing more about the registrations; you may get in touch with Ms. Pia Sodhi calling her on +918882338116 or email at

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