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1.     Title- The Skull Rosary

Author: Shweta Taneja
Artist: Vivek Goel, Gaurav Shrivastav, Sushant Panda, Ghanshyam Bochgeri and Tahir Kapadia
Published By: Holy Cow Entertainment
Launch: 21 December, 12 noon (Saturday)

The synopsis: A demon, a god, a king, an avatar, a son. Lord Shiva collected five heads in his rosary. We tell you why. The Skull Rosary is a retelling of ancient myths of Rudra, the name Shiva wielded before civilization began. They are not the stories you heard when you were a child. They are stories of dark emotions, of lust, of jealousy, of hatred, of passion, of incest and of power. In The King with A Goat’s Head a daughter is sacrificed to the flames of jealousy. Prahlad’s Dream retells the horrific story of what happens when two of the most powerful gods on earth start to fight. In The Other Woman a son craves for his own mother's body. A blind asura lusts for revenge in The Blind Spot. The last story in the set, Brahma’s Fifth Head takes you to a place where a father lusts for his daughter and all codes of civilization have broken down.

2.     Title- Parshu: Origins

Author: Raveesh
Artist: Rahul Jha
Published By: Orange Radius Publishing
Launch: 22 December, 12:30pm (Sunday)

The Synopsis: A brutal tragedy triggers the transformation of a young boy into a warrior, a warrior he was always destined to be, given his lineage and ancestry. Determined for vengeance and searching for answers behind the tragedy that befell him, he delves deeper into an abyss that will throw up more questions than reveal answers, he will need to dig deep into his reserves of willpower, strength and resolve to unearth and decimate the real face behind it all.

In this journey he will fall only to rise stronger each time, establish alliances and start understanding the true potential of his gifted abilities.
Divided into four expertly illustrated chapters, each brimming with excitement and mystery, we present the first issue in the Parshu series: Origins

3. Title- Parshu: Rise of the Warrior

Author: Raveesh
Artist: Rahul Jha
Published By: Orange Radius Publishing
Launch: 22 December, 12:30pm

The Synopsis:  To battle those behind the tragic attack on his family, Parshu will need to be battle-ready, he will need to temper his body and mind. Inspector Prakash Rajput, Parshu’s ally, realizes this and puts him through a herculean training regime. As Parshu develops into a warrior, there are other events put in motion which will test his resolve and push him to his physical limits.The vengeance this young warrior has vowed will take him deep into a murky world of unimagined savagery, malice and pandemonium.

Rise of the Warrior’, the second issue in the Parshu series steps-up the momentum and excitement several notches keeping you on the edge and eagerly waiting for the next issue!

4.      Title- Parshu: Retribution

Author: Raveesh
Artist: Rahul Jha
Published By: Orange Radius Publishing
Launch: 22 December, 12:30pm

The Synopsis: The third issue in the series delves deeper into the inner conflicts of a young kid whose world lies torn apart and as Parshu, a superhero-warrior, the external conflicts he must face. There are allies and adversaries but in the midst of it all is a young warrior armed with grit, gumption and an unwavering will to do what he is destined to, to do what he must.

Issue 1 'Origins' and Issue 2 'Rise of the Warrior' build up to a fascinating and extremely intriguing conclusion in 'Retribution', unravelling mysteries and announcing the arrival of a tough as nails, fearless and unrelenting warrior - Parshu.

5.     Title- Mixtape Vol.2

Cover art: Jasjyot Singh Hans
Stories & Creators
The Pursuit: Vivek Thomas (writer), Rupesh Aravindakshan (artist)
The Sea Within: Gokul Gopalakrishnan
Amma: Anil K. S.
Anti-Social Networking: Roshan K
Sunshine: Anupam Arunachalam (writer), Manoj A. Menon (artist)
Publisher: Manta Ray Publishing
Launch: 21 December, 1 pm

The Synopsis: This is the second instalment of Manta Ray’s anthology series MIXTAPE, and features 5 unique stories, in 5 different genres, illustrated in 5 distinct styles. Mixtape is envisioned as a platform for new, upcoming and established creators to showcase their short comics work, and this volume sees 8 storytellers coming together to tell their short comic stories.
Mixtape 2 opens with “The Pursuit”, written by Vivek Thomas who works in a famous production house, and illustrated by Rupesh Aravindakshan, an international award-winning automobile designer. What starts as a random pickpocketing inside a crowded bus, transforms into a frenetic chase sequence and takes the readers through some unexpected twists and turns.
6.     Title- TWELVE : How it Ends
Writer: Pratheek Thomas
Artist: Aindri Chakraborty
Cover Design: Prabha Mallya
Editor: Dileep Cherian
Publisher:  Manta Ray Publishing
Launch: 22 December, 2:45 pm
The Synopsis :How it ends is set in an unnamed, war-ravaged forest in the backdrop of the ‘red war’ that shook the nation in the recent years. When his entire company is ambushed and slaughtered by the rebels, a young soldier must make his way through the hostile, unfamiliar terrain of the deep jungle while being pursued by an enemy he cannot see or hear or understand.
Aindri Chakraborty, who illustrated How it ends, eschewed the traditional pencil and inks for the most part, and instead chose to make the art from high-res scans of plant and leaf sections. The results are quite spectacular, as the artwork in the story evokes (in the reader) the feeling that the protagonist undergoes in the story, as he searches for his unseen nemesis amongst the dense foliage.
How it ends is not the typical story of war-heroism; instead, it seeks to explore and question the notions of courage and justice, right and wrong through the eyes of these two characters – both hunters, and both preys – and inevitably, on a course that will set them against each other.

7.     Title- The Manual Of Love

Author: Chaitanya Modak
Artist: Chaitanya Modak
Publisher:  Won Tolla Publishing
Launch: 21 December, 3:30pm
The Synopsis: Won-Tolla presents a tale of the things they never teach you at school.

8.     Title-  The Oracle of Tripe

Author(s): Chaitanya Modak & Benita Fernando
Artist: Chaitanya Modak
Publisher:  Won Tolla Publishing
Launch: 21 December, 3:30pm
The Synopsis: Ever curious about your dying day? The Oracle of Tripe has all the
answers. Won-Tolla presents the bewildering tale of a man who asks for it and
who unfortunately gets it.

9.     Title- Pulp Quarterly

Cover Artist: Abhishek Singh
Published by:  Pulpocracy
Launch: 21 December, 3:45 pm
The Synopsis: Pulp Quarterly is a new Journal devoted to the Indian comics scene.
The Journal will contain in-depth features, interviews, vignettes, photo-essays, critiques, profiles, and reviews about the Indian comic scene, along with original, unpublished comics by some of the most talented Indian creators, both veterans and newcomers alike.

10.     Title- Modern Activity
Published by: Hop Motion Animation
Launch: Date and timings not confirmed yet.
The Synopsis: So from makers who have made nothing, and based on nothing, comes a comedy web series so funny that it’ll knock your nothings off (or insert acliché of your choice). Starring Kartik Mehta, Savio Miranda, Burges Gyara and Naim Kajalwalla, Modern Activity is one South Bombay high school where rules just don’t apply! A bunch of fifth graders wreck havoc with boogers, nose farts, the extinct Parsi accent and a really fast talking makka-pav wise ass, along with special appearances from porn stars, hip hop star body doubles, lovestruck zombies, well endowed school teachers and the school ice cream man whose accent we just can’t place. Only the zany will survive.
From two out of work film writers that created an animation company that uses a blue hippo as its mascot, comes a crazy, ludicrous, uncensored show that could well get blacklisted. Hop Motion proudly presents Modern Activity.

11.     Title- I Take This Train Too

Writer: Cyrus Daruwala
Launch: 22 December, 1:45 pm
The Synopsis: In Mumbai, train travel is more than just another mode of transport. It is the lifeline of the city. 'I Take This Train Too' humorously profiles the characters found in Mumbai’s local trains. Set off on the funniest journey of your life with this hardbound collection of hilarity.

12.     Title- Zombie Rising – Based on India’s First Zombie origin Film Rise of The Zombie

Writer: Devaki Singh
Artist: Tarun Kumar Sahu
Published By:  Chariot Comics with Luminosity Pictures
Launch: 22 December, 3 pm
The Synopsis: Zombie Rising is a graphic novel tie-in to India’s first zombie origins feature film “Rise of the Zombie” featuring Luke Kenny and Benjamin Gilani and written by Devaki Singh.  
From Chariot Comics and Luminosity Pictures comes a dark, gory and terrifying zombie horror thriller – Zombie Rising. Zombie Rising is a graphic novel that is a stand-alone adventure set in the same universe as the film and is a prelude to the events that were set in motion in the movie.

13.     Title-  “Gandhi - my life is my message”
A graphic Biography

Author: Jason Quinn
Illustrator: Sachin Nagar
Published By:  Campfire Publishing
Launch: 21 December, 2 pm

The Synopsis:A sensitive portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi’s entire life from his childhood right through to the moment of his assassination.
How did this shy, unassuming lawyer transform himself into the leader of India’s freedom movement? Renouncing wealth, ambition, and comfort, Gandhi led by
example, becoming one with the people he sought to free, facing imprisonment, hardship, and humiliation while never raising his voice in anger.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as the Mahatma or Great Soul, took on the might of the British Empire armed only with a message of love and
non-violence. In Gandhi: my life is my message we discover the man behind the legend, following him from his birth in the Indian coastal town of Porbandar in 1869, to
the moment of his tragic death at the hands of an assassin in January 1948, just months after the independence of India.
"I congratulate the author Jason Quinn. His book will convey Gandhi's life and message in an entertaining and interesting form to youth across the world. He has completed a difficult task of detailing Gandhi's life and message in graphic form, utilising his ability and deep understanding," Professor Rajmohan Gandhi.

14.     Title- Munkeeman 3

Creator: Abhishek Sharma (Director and Writer of ‘Tere Bin Laden’)
Published By:  Pop Culture Publishing
Launch: 22 December, 2 pm

The Synopsis: In the summer of 2001 a strange creature called Munkeeman wreaked havoc in the streets and rooftops of Delhi.And then one day he disappeared. This is the story of that misunderstood superhero.

Munkeeman: Bulletproof Balm, the third book in the Munkeeman saga, picks up the story of Munkeeman's missing years after his encounter with Captain Tamga in Kanpur. Follow his misadventures as he takes on all the enemies he has made so far...and foils a train hijack!

15.     Title- Shiva III

Published By:  Vimanika Publishing
Launch: 21 December, 1:30 pm

The Synopsis: Vimanika Comics is all set to mesmerise you with Shiva: The Legends of The Immortal (Book 3) - the third installment of the critically acclaimed and highly popular Shiva series. The creative team for this graphic novel promises a visual delight in combination with excellent narrative and well researched mythological adventure. Since the story deals with the birth of Ganesha and his interaction with Lord Shiva, the team has decided to narrate the story in third person and used stylised animation style artwork to appeal to the younger audience as well.

After a prolonged marital bliss, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati face their first domestic discord when Lord Shiva enters Goddess Parvati’s bath chamber without her consent and intruding on her privacy. Parvati is furious with Nandi for being unable to stop Lord Shiva at the gates of the bath chamber. She creates her own Gana, Vinayak and assigns him to guard the palace and prevent anyone from entering the palace without her permission. She also gives him a magical Danda, staff filled with her powers for protection. The little boy promises his mother to guard the palace under all circumstances and is even ready to challenge the mighty Lord Shiva to a duel to keep his promise. Lord Shiva faces the biggest dilemma of his life where he has to choose between punishing his own son or accepting defeat at the hands of an apparently insolent boy.

The graphic novel is high on action and drama with lot of exciting fight sequences between Ganesha and the Ganas, Devas, Kartikeya and Lord Shiva. Get set to treat yourself on authentic Indian mythological adventure in true Vimanika style.

16.     Title- Angry Maushi: Second Blood

Published By:  Abhijeet Kini
Launch: 22 December, 12 pm

The Synopsis: Angry Maushi returns in the sequel to unleash her anger on evil-doers once again! After the events of the first book, the scum of society realises that they alone cannot contain the threat that is Angry Maushi and come up with an ingenious plan so evil that the Devil himself has to be summoned. But is this ploy enough to stop the Maushi juggernaut? Are old foes going to return to have their revenge? Catch all the action in "ANGRY MAUSHI: SECOND BLOOD"

17.     Title- Ground Zero Anthology Vol.2

Published By: Meta Desi Comics
Launch: 22 December, 11:45 pm

The Synopsis: It's back ladies and gentlemen! Meta Desi Comics returns with SIX whole new stories! New writers, more new artists and WAY more madness coming your way in Volume 2, with something to suit the taste of every comic enthusiast out there!

Bloody sci-fi in the form of "Desolation Runner". Cheeky comedy with "Holy Hell". A demonic new Indian super-hero in "Raakshas Rising". Genetically enhanced military brats with "Super Soldier Squad" and much, much more!

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