Monday, December 23, 2013

Fantasies of Comic-Con 2013 Mumbai

Comic-Con 2013 Mumbai
After receiving an overwhelming response last year, Comic Con has returned to Mumbai once again. Held at the Goregaon Exhibition Centre in Western Mumbai, the two day (21st-22ndDecember) Film and Comics Convention is sure to witness a massive response indeed again. With over 5 lakh likes on their official Facebook page itself, the Comic Con India fever has indeed gone viral! Having visited the Convention myself, I can barely resist sharing my experiences of my day well-spent at Comic Con!

With this year's mascot being the Wonderbai, an Indian crossover of the comic character Wonder Woman, the Comic Con started off with a Bang! Life size statues of the Marvel Comicsuperheroes Iron Man and The Hulk welcome you with their trade mark poses. You name it and you would find all the possible comic merchandises at the stalls put up. Apart from Internal DC and Marvel, a host of other Indian comics too made good use of this platform to garner the attention of the crowd.

From superhero T-shirts, to posters, to masks the stalls held at the Comic Con had loads to offer to the enthusiastic crowd. Not to forget the highlight of it all, the Comic Con volunteers dressed fancily in different comic character get-ups. At one corner you would find a Barbarian holding his club and posing with the visitors so at the other end you would find a Japanese Anime character with a 4 feet sword! Guys dressed in hooded capes and masks could be spotted everywhere while the girls too showcased fancy outfits of characters like Harry Potter's Hermione, Lara Croft, Asguardian Princess and also Batman's Poison Ivy.

While amidst all the pomp and fun-fare, the entire idea of promoting a platform especially for Indian comics held true till the end of the convention. Popular Indian comic journals and comic books were on sale establishing a presence in the minds of the youth! Acclaimed Indian artists and comic writers including the likes of Cyrus Daruwala, Abhijeet Kini and Kailash Iyer addressed the youth of the scope and potential Indian comic industry now possesses. With Batman and Iron man being more than popular, what until today remains over-shadowed are our very own Indian comic characters and stories? Some ever-green Indian comics too likeChacha Chowdhary, Tinkle and Amar Chitrakatha made their presence available. It is true that gone are the days when we actually picked up a normal comic off the stall and read it. Having realized this, the organizers had brought in various agencies who have initiated promoting Indian comics through mobile apps and through other online mediums.

The entire ambience of the hall seemed like fantasy land coming to life in front of your eyes. Quizzes were held, comics were on display all over the place, and upcoming movies were previewed (as well as the delightful fancy dress characters). All these made the entire Comic Con adventure a day's worth. It was a fantasy world totally!

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