Sunday, November 8, 2015

Introducing Tinkle's first female superhero avatar, Mapui from the North-East

Meet Mapui Kawlim, Tinkle's latest female super-hero avatar from Mizoram
Tinkle, the fortnightly children's comic magazine started back in the 80's under the aegis of Anant Pai, the Editor-Founder. Tinkle has been a best friend to almost every kid who grew up in the 80s-90s.
The magazine is a treat with the Suppandi's crazy antics, Shikhari Shambhu's insane gags, a whole page dedicated to engaging quizzes and puzzles and a lot more.
Marking the 35th anniversary, Tinkle magazine in its November edition has introduced a new superhero. The brand new character Mapui Kawlim is a coy girl bestowed with superpowers and she hails from Aizwal, Mizoram.
13-year-old Mapui Kawlim, is a crime fighter by night but is burdened with homework, hates Math, and enjoys slumber party. Just imagine the number of children who would relate to this new avatar of Tinkle.
Mapui who transforms into a 'wingstar' by night, with help of gadgets, is aided by her father who is an inventor working for the Space Development Arm of the government.
According to a report in CatchNews, the new comic strip has the potential to break the prejudices attached to people from Sikkim and the eight Northeastern states.
In an interview with the CatchNews, the editor Rajni Thindiath said he doesn't see the comic to be particularly path breaking because according to him, Tinkle has always had characters who hail from different parts of the country, Mapui being only one of them. He adds she is surely the first 'reluctant superhero' and has the potential to be the most iconic female superhero characters in Indian comic history.

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