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Comic Con 2013 - Charismatic. Classy. Creative.

Comic Con 2013 - Charismatic. Classy. Creative.

By Garima Sachdeva
From Hindu College, New Delhi
Posted Feb 9th 2013 5:00AM

I met Superman. I got clicked with an astronaut. Some were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Flash, while some got a good look at Hulk. I had coffee with The Simpsons and lunched in Batman's company. Crazy much? Not at all, for it was not a dream, it was a beautiful reality.

It's HERE. The 3rd edition of Annual Indian Comics Convention organized by Comic Con India commenced with a bang in Dilli Haat, New Delhi, on 8th February 2013. This three-day fest targets the people of all age groups, specifically hardcore comic lovers, but in general any fun seeker could have a ball at Comic Con. But what is so special about this edition? Let's find out!

As always, Comic Con aims at giving the Comic industry a much needed boost. This year was no different. From stalls selling comics, story books, 3D books along with personalized 3D glasses, graphic novels, Hindi comics along with some rare English ones, a hell lot of merchandise and some great sessions with top notch comic writers, this edition of Comic Con has a lot in its bag (more than Santa, seriously!).

"This stall, in particular, is about a new comic which is a mix of the much acclaimed sitcom 'The Family Guy' and the hit movie 'A-Team'. We have made some interesting characters and a good plot", said the stall organizer of '27th Alphabet'. They had also put up a life size caricature of one of their characters (a scantily clad woman, like a fantasy of every man!) . She was the epitome of oomph. One could see all the boys getting clicked with the caricature. When I asked further about that particular lady, he said "Oh she is definitely a hit amongst the guys. I was fortunate enough to carry it on my lap because she couldn't fit in the bags, while travelling in the plane." Fascinating!

There were numerous other funny stories at the stalls that were put up at Dilli Haat, the ones which were on the inner side, under the roof. One such stall, by the name 'Collective Heritage', had a collection of accessories from many famous movies, television shows and comics. Its organizer was seen posing with the weaponry of Star Wars and many were getting pictures clicked wearing the famous Lord of The Rings hat. This particular stall was always filled, with the DSLRs flashing almost every second. Next to this stall was a helmet stall by the name 'Gliders'. The boy to girl ratio at this particular stall was, needless to say, somewhat like 10:1 (I was probably the only girl around that stall!)

Apart from crazy stall stories, there a number of merchandise stalls that were a hit amongst the people. From refrigerator magnets to tees with mind boggling quotes to Chelsea and Manchester United badges to big framed posters of Batman and Superman to coyote key chains to 'Godfather' posters to mugs, bags, comic book covers and lithographs, sky was the limit for the craziness that enveloped this place.

After almost 2 hours of exploring the stalls, came the highlight of the day, the session with some experienced Comic Writers. Neel Debdutt Paul, Editor of Tinkle Digest, moderated a panel comprising of author and comic writer Samit Basu, comic writer Anant Singh and Jason Quinn from Campfire Graphic Novels. They talked about some points on how can one write a comic book, amidst a lot of humourous and funny repartee, which left everyone in the audience asking for more (despite the scorching sun overhead!).

Phew! What a first day at Comic Con. So many superheroes, so many civilians, so many volunteers (Many Delhi University students were volunteering too!), so many comics and so many comic characters, February should better be remembered for Comic Con, rather than Valentine's Day!

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