Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Tribute to My Father

A Tribute to My Father
I used to look Pran ji as my father, as my idol . A very simple man lead his life on his own terms. He taught us values of life. He has given us a name to feel proud of it. I'm sure that every single person feels the same to be associated with him. He had v few but selected friends. They all are like father figure to me.
Can anyone imagine, sitting in a small office, on a chair the whole day he used to make cartoons. Every day he used to conceive a new idea to bring a smile on you through his comics. Every one used to ask "aap itne ideas kahan se late hein..." Chacha Chaudhary ka dimag computer se tez hai. I think Pran ka dimag computer se tez chalta hai. Creating so many cartoons every single day n making people laugh is a challenge.
He had a desire to see the world. In the last 10 years of his life he travelled to every nook n corner of the globe. Making new friends... n meeting cartoonist from those countries.
Once a lady asked him if he could make a drawing of hers. He replied.... "mere ko chehre bigadne aate hein. I can only make cartoons. "
He always used to remember his home in Kasur which he had left during partition. 50 years later he got a chance to visit his home town along with Banga Uncle n Aunty. He was deeply touched and got v emotional when he visited his house.
Whenever my friends used to come home, instead of playing cricket they used to read comics. All of these childhood badmash friends are present here. Papa used to call Amit...Sabu having 6ft 3inch height .
Once one lawyer friend came to him and asked "pran ji koi case dila do." He said I have a "brief case" in my house. If u want I can give u.
We have spent last one year more in hospital than at home. Every time when he used to meet his doctor he would tell Joke and make them laugh. Always smiling.
All these years I felt that there was some one standing behind me as a support. But today when I look back across my shoulder ... I see no one...
Nikhel Pran

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