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Here are the books which are going to be launched at the Bangalore Comic Con 2014. ​There can be more book launches, but so far these are confirmed.

Do let us know if you plan any story around this or would like to speak to any author or artist for a story. The brief of all the books is mentioned below. Also, attached are few of the Book Covers.
Let us know if you need anything.


Published By: Campfire Publishing
Writer: Jason Quinn
Illustrator: Sachin Nagar

The synopsis:  In war there are no rules... Civil war strikes at the heart of the greatest empire the universe has ever known; a civil war that tears families and nations apart, pitting cousin against cousin and friend against friend. Two teenage warriors find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. For the Pandavas, we have Abhimanyu, son of the great Arjuna, and for the Kauravas we have Durmashana, son of Dusasana. Abhimanyu already has a fearsome reputation as a mighty warrior, and Durmashana is anxious to build a reputation of his own by slaying the Pandava Prince. When the Kauravas unleash the unstoppable Chakravyuha on their enemies, only Abhimanyu can save his family from total annihilation, but to do this he will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

2.     Title-  Rumi

Published By: Sufi Comics
Writers: Mohammed Ali Vakil, Mohammed Arif Vakil & Tanzil ur Rahman
Illustrator: Rahil Mohsin

The Synopsis: Immerse yourself in Spiritual Wisdom from Rumi's timeless Poetry.

Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi, a 13th century poet, crafted spiritual wisdom, in the most beautiful of poems and stories. His poems are so universal, that even in today’s modern age, anyone reading Rumi will find something they can relate to. It’s no wonder, he is one of the most popular poets not only in the East, but also in the West.

Sufi Comics presents Rumi, an enriching collection of the Rumi’s poems in graphic form. Each poem’s illustration resembles the Turkish-Iranian miniature style. Every story is followed by sacred verses of the Holy Quran and traditions, inscribed in Arabic by Muqtar Ahmed, one of India s finest Islamic calligraphers. The visual depiction of Rumi's poems makes it delightful to read and more accessible to a wider audience.
Read this book. You'll experience Rumi in a whole new way.

3. Title - Odayan II - Yuddham

Published By: Pop Culture Publications
Writer: Suhas Sundar
Illustrator: Deepak Sharma

The Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of feudal Kerela, the mysterious vigilante known simply as Odayan, slowly amasses wealth and power through subterfuge and brute force. He builds himself a criminal empire that ultimately challenges the reign of the Zamorin himself. His real intentions remain unknown, but the man behind the green face paint proves himself a master of arcane arts and a savant of Kalaripayattu, as the Zamorin tries to pit his best masters against Odayan and prevent his mysterious foe from garnering support and destabilizing the Zamorin's reign.

4. Title - Aghori - Issue 11

Published By: Holy Cow Entertainment
Writer: Ram V
Illustrator: Vivek Goel
Guest Artist: Harsho Mohan Chattoraj

The Synopsis: As the mysterious Assassin, Essan Selhem stalks Krona we're taken back to ancient persia where we learn of the origins of the cult of assassins and how Essan Selhem came to be the immortal hunter that we see. Meanwhile Krona struggles with the nature of his powers and contemplates how monsters are created and understands that perhaps the nature of good and evil are not as simple as they seem.

5.     Title - Ravanayan Finale - Part 2

Published By: Holy Cow Entertainment
Writer: Vijayendra Mohanty
Illustrator: Vivek Goel

The Synopsis: An epic saga two years in the making is finally coming to an end. The journey, Ravana's as well as his creators, has been full of ups and downs. But the giant-sized finale to the Ravanayan story is something that is sure to wash it all away. In here readers will find Hanuman as they have always wanted to see him as a powerhouse of brute strength, Rama as the blue warrior of fables and Ravana as the invincible demon king whose power has no match anywhere in all three worlds.

6. Title- The Caravan Prequel - Blood War #1

Writer: Shamik Dasgupta
Illustrators:  Tamal Saha and Vinay Brahmaniya

The Synopsis: A prequel to the horror hit of 2013 ‘The Caravan’. Blood War takes place in the notorious badlands of Chambal in 1970’s. The entire region is plagued by the reign of terror of the ‘Darinday’, a band of unstoppable dacoits ruthlessly mowing down every village and forcing their will on them. The Darindey are led by a mysterious behemoth of a man called Bheriya Khan who has singlehandedly destroyed the other gangs all across Chambal and claimed almost the entire valley as his own. Devgarh is the last redoubt against the vicious robbers, Thakur Surya Pratap Singh, his daughter Madhurakshi and her fiancé’ forest officer Avinash Sharma stands as vanguard in front of the battle-ready villagers. But can they protect their beloved village when the wrath of Bheriya Khan falls upon them?
7.      Title- TARANATH TANTRIK (TnT) #1 - City of Sorrows
Writer: Shamik Dasgupta
Illustrator: Bikash Satpathy

The Synopsis: Based on a character created by Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay (Pather Panchali, Aranyak) Taranath Tantrik is a supernatural thriller on the backdrop of the enigmatic and mystical city of present time Kolkata. Paranormal Investigator Taranath Tantrik and his three young friends Shankar, a CID officer, Vibhuti, a horror novelist and Sneha a Journalist get involved in a series of mysterious insanity outbreaks that plagues the city police and baffles the health department. TnT finds himself in a maelstrom of an ancient conspiracy that will turn the city of Joy to a city of sorrows.
8.      Title- The Robots of Dharma
Published By: Syenagiri Studios
Writer: Jai Undurti
Illustrator: Stan Chou

The Synopsis: The Robots of Dharma is an epic Science-Fiction series set in a dystopian India. The first episode, called “Sweet Memory must Die”, is about a time when the most precious commodity is Memory. It is a story about a man guarding his most precious memory and the robot that wants it, whatever the cost.
9.     Title- THE WRECK AGE

Published By: Crimzon Studios
Writers: Avinash Singh & Vijay Verma
Illustrators: Pramit Santra & Amit Ghadge

The Synopsis: It is a post-apocalyptic world and things have become like never before. The apocalypse took its toll over humans who were then ruling the world but now they are completely out of equation. It took about 1000 years for others species to overcome the disorder and the after-effects of the apocalypse. And the battle for survival after the apocalypse took over 500 years to settle down. And then these species started migrating to the parts of the world that was best suited for their survival.

But in reality this post-apocalyptic new world is in state of an equilibrium which can be easily distressed by a slight disturbance. And so it happened! A disastrous revelation brought this world at the verge of a world war. It was discovered that the Humans are not extinct instead they had survived and are planning to regain the control over the world. This lead into the politics of allies and the adversaries. And an unending battle commenced in the age known as ‘THE WRECK AGE’.

10. Title- Zikr - The Neelam

Published By: Mrinal Rai
Writer: Gaurav Mathur

The Synopsis: "Zikr" in Sufism means Remembrance. This is a tale of love, passion, transformation and redemption. The roots lie in the concept of Sufism. Benazir Khan is a mysterious woman. She is beautiful and has captivating voice. She is a famous singer but avoids limelight. She does not stay in one city for a long time. Always accompanying her is her bodyguard Naushad. There are numerous rumors associated with the Muslim singer including that she is a Pakistani. But in reality, she carries with herself the burden of a dark past with pain and cravings for revenge. The boy falls in love with the girl, but all is not that simple.

The story is about the journey of this love and attempt of this man to bring her who has lost her faith, back into the world of belief. The road to accomplish that is very dangerous and in the process he has to deal with the evil face of humanity. The story is about how far would he go to act as his woman’s man, and how far would he get transformed in the process, and, will he too achieve his long sought redemption?

11.     Title- Ka Kaa

Published By: Fablery Publications
Writer: Perla Ananth Maruthi
Illustrator: Perla Gowra Hari

The Synopsis: Go back in time when justice was bought by putting bullets into heads, when the judge, law and executioner was one person, when the good old west wild and virile was in peril of becoming a waste land……spirits are wandering, feeding on souls and hopes of the free world is in pits of darkness because for the first time, justice cannot be obtained by bullets or dynamites.

The white men have met their nemesis, and no amount of praying, exorcising or usage of weapons is helping. With their pride shattered, they seek help from the natives who seem to understand what’s really happening. One man comes forward to help them but for a price. This story accounts the adventures and travels of a shaman in a spirit infested wild wild west.

12.     Title- Subbu’s Code

Published By: Fablery Publications
Writer: Balasubramaniam Meganathan
Illustrator: Avisek Chowdhury

The Synopsis: Subbu, the protagonist of this story is a superstitionist just like a scientist, a dentist or an activist. He is committed to his code of superstitions as much as a chameleon is committed to changing his colours.

It goes without saying that this story is incomplete without Mrs.Subbu, the quintessential domineering Indian Homemaker who believes that her husband is not good enough to even manage his pant belt on a windy day. Unlike her husband, Mrs.Subbu is a rationalist.
Thrown into this chaos are actress Miss Premika – Subbu’s latest infatuation, a bunch of politicians who cannot think beyond their well being, a maverick filmmaker and a reliable source for the TV channels.

13.     Title- Aspyrus

Published By: Harper Collins India
Writer: Apuppen

The Synopsis: The mercurial terrain of Halahala faces the ultimate threat: a dream-creature from another realm that spreads its tentacles across the world. Will Halahala survive this invasion? Will it find the strength – or a saviour?A study of obsession and aspiration, Aspyrus is the compulsion of desire, the fickleness of the idea, and the power of conviction. Appupen’s masterful use of the silent comics form brings alive a fever dream.

14.     Title- Kaal

Published By: AAyumi Production
Writer: Liam Webb
Illustrators: Pankaj Naik & Santosh Pillewar

The Synopsis: When Lord Garuda temporarily controls Naraka, a human soul who was to have become a Yamdut is granted special consideration and is made into something more to fight the forces of darkness…
15.     Title- Combo Pack of Sagas

Published By: Raj Comics
Editor: Manish Gupta

a) The Nagayana - Black powers usurped the world of 2025 CE. To relieve, a war was necessary. Nagraj and Dhruva united their powers and prepared themselves with the ultimate weapons to give a challenge. Now, the war is on in the vicinity of Alandhya. A last war which will decide the fate of the world and will only end with the end of Krurapasha or the termination of the heroes.

b) Maharavana - Humanity is threatened by cruel Maharavana and his satanic army. Bhokal could face them if he had retained his superpowers. Will he be able to challenge such mighty army without his powers or will be slayed in the end?

C) Khajana - Arch enemies of Nagraj are gathered under one roof for one condition- an unlimited treasure for the head of Nagraj. Death traps are being laid but Nagraj is completely unaware of this progress. Evidently, he is attacked one after another and slowly the distance between him and his death is coming closer.

d) Khooni Khandan (Complete Issue) - It was a mysterious call that revealed a different aspect of Dhruva's real father Shyam, that he was a runaway murderer. Further investigations compelled Dhruva to go to France where there were death traps at his each and every step. Could Dhruva solve this mystery of his past?

e) Maine Mara Dhruva Ko (Combined Issue) - Every villain claims to have murdered Dhruva. Kankal Tantra, an alien, has arrived to investigate the case in his Crime Court. Statements are given, each horrifying enough to send a chill down the spines. Now, the ultramodern machine, Biotron, has to churn out the truth.

f) Ek Katora Khoon & Do Katora Khoon (Combined Issue) - When the darkness falls, a creepy shadow staggers in the desolate streets, a bowl in hand and a call flows through the air- “Blood! A bowlful of Blood.” An innocent girl, Alankrita, was trapped in the thousand years old enmity of vampires and werewolves that led to a new reign of terror. Now, the shadow asks for two bowlful of blood every midnight.

g) City Without A Hero - He did not sleep that his citizens could sleep with peace. He accepts wounds to save others. He protected the city with his last breath. Super Commando Dhruva, whose name was a terror for the villains. Criminals shivered only if they heard his bike's engine coming near. But today, he's installed as a white statue on the central square of Rajnagar. Will someone else replace him after his death, or the city will turn a center of crime?

h) Main Hoon Bheriya - Humans are prohibited in the jungle of Bheriya. People avoiding this law received a terrific death. When Nagraj, Dhruva, Doga and Parmanu set their feet in the jungles to prevent this manslaughter, they faced four different Bheriyas.

16.     Title- Sarvanayak (Combo Pack)

Published By: Raj Comics
Editor: Manish Gupta

The Synopsis: Every era has always faced a deadly threat to humanity. But this time, the threat is almost invincible. A celestial entity, Yugam, has taken away all the superheroes from their times and divided them into two opponent teams. One side has all the superpowers of Satyuga, Tretayuga, and Dwaparyuga, while on the other side are the heroes of present time. They are compelled to fight to each other and they are fated to die, their era is fated to vanish if they lose this bloody contest. Each warrior is ready to murder his opponent because their era is at stake and they know that losing the battle means losing the world of their times. What the gods are thinking to plan such a damn game? For the first time in the history of Raj Comics, all the villains and all the superheroes of all times, together in the layers of pages. A Combo Pack including the four parts: Yugandhar, SarvaYugam, SarvaDaman, SarvaSangram.

17.     Title- Love me like a Psycho Robot

Published By: Meta Desi Comics
Writer: Valeriana Cretella
Illustrators: Stefano Cardoselli

The Synopsis: From it's first pages which include a bunch of hippies getting thrashed by a robot wielding a giant shark, "Love Me Like A Psycho Robot" is a story full of love, bullets, blood and of course, very huge animals and weapons!

If you've never read a comic by Stefano Cardoselli (Heavy Metal Magazine, 2000AD), you don't know what you're missing and this short tale of love and mayhem is the perfect place to discover his work. Together he and co-creator Valeriana Cretalla (Arcana Comics) bring you one of the most utterly insane comics you will ever read, one that despite all it's chaos and action still manages to find its heart and gives the kind of subtle story-telling (and sometimes not so subtle) you would not expect from an all-out action comic.
There is action in plenty and loads of over the top craziness that is not to be missed in this one-of-its kind love story!

18.     Title- W Comics

Published By: Meta Desi Comics
Writer: Nikhil Bose Sangle
Illustrators: Karun Ramani, Sai Shankar, Diipesh Daniel, Anant Dixit, Chaitanya Sinha & Nikhil Bose sangle

The Synopsis: Three dead body cleaners working for the head of a political party find
themselves fooling the law before entering the realms of an ancient myth to fool the people there with their crime-corpse cleaning as well. Before late, the myth unfolds for each of them in a way that the fantasy of W, becomes a significant reality of their lives.

19.     Title- Star Wars

Published By: Scholastic India

The Synopsis: The classic tale of good versus evil set in a galaxy far, far away, quickly became a cultural phenomenon during its time, inspiring a generation of story lovers and storytellers. From explosive and interactive POP- UP GUIDES, to DIGESTS, NOVELS, ACTIVITY BOOKS, NON-FICTION READERS and BOARD BOOKS, these books help dive into the world of Star Wars with all your favourite characters! STAR WARS BOOKS create an aura where imaginative heroes and villains and exciting adventure themes encourage children to feel the Force!

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