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Anupam Sinha.

Anupam Sinha

Anupam Sinha is an Indian comic book artist and writer, credited as the creator of the famous Raj Comics superhero Super Commando Dhruva. He is also credited with steering Nagraj to new heights. Anupam Sinha has been said to have revolutionised Indian comics with his work at Raj Comics.


Anupam Sinha
Anupam Sinha was born in 1962 at Kanpur to Mr. Awdhesh K. Sinha, a government officer and his wife Mrs. Leilawati Sinha. His home-cum-studio is situated in Delhi’s Rohini neighborhood.
Starting his career in 1975 at the age of 13 for a small magazine called Deewana Tej at Kanpur, Sinha got his “big break” four years later, when he joined Diamond Comics, then one of the market leaders. While working on popular comics such as Tauji and Jadoo Ka Danda, Sinha also enrolled for a Bachelor of Science degree at Kanpur’s Christchurch College. The science degree came at the cost of an engineering one at the reputed BITS Pilani institute. He left graduation at the coveted BITS, Pilani to pursue his passion in comics.
He worked with Diamond Comics creating Fauladi Singh comics Fauladi Singh Aur Shaitan Tarwill, Fauladi Singh Ki Tarwill se Takkar and Fauladi Singh aur Vinash Ke Pujari.
He worked with Chitra Bharti Kathamala of S. Chand and Company creating characters like Detective Kapil, Space Star and Manas Putra.
He joined Raj Comics in 1987 and created one of the most popular characters Super Commando Dhruva in Indian comics industry.
In 1995, he took over the illustration of Nagraj. He completely changed the direction of Nagraj and gave more sci-fi and mythological stories.
In 2012, he published his very first Full length fiction, The Virtuals. The novel achieved wide acclaim and he is currently working on the sequel to that book, The Omni.


Anupam Sinha
He lives in Delhi near Rohini. He has two daughters, 17-year-old Bhavya and 16-year-old Kompal. He is the founder of Web-based Anupam Academy Of Art for training people in comic arts.


Anupam Sinha
  • He spends up to 18 hours every day ideating and sketching stories about Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva.
  • He was making comics that dealt with biotechnology and cloning in the 1980s.
  • He created his own characters for the first timeâ€"Space Star and Private Detective Kapil while at Chitra Bharti comics.
  • Apart from Raj Comics, he has created many earlier characters and comics.
  • He is also working on a project for the three-year-old Virgin Comics, a tie-up between UK-based Richard Branson Enterprises and Deepak Chopra.
  • His Debut Novel is The Virtuals .
  • Source:-http://99-funtastic.blogspot.com/

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