Wait Snakeman.....Super heroes from India.

Wait Snakeman.....Super heroes from India.

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After writing 20 Articles speculating either cast or story or future of Marvel and DC today i choose to write upon something which is "Not so common" for Moviepilot . I'm a great fan of comic book world's fantasy and creativity. For me its a kind of freedom where we can play with the world of these God like people.
India is not a land of many comic book fans specially because of Low GDP and Less availability while comic book is a kind of " Availability of Luxury" . I started reading the comics at the age of 5 years back in 1995 and that time the cost was around 7 rs (Nearly about 1/12 of a dollar right now) . But now a days like the effects Globalization i'm also in the fan list of Marvel and Dc meanwhile i keep appreciating the work of "Raj comics" ( Kind of Indian Marvel and DC ) . Well like everyone can easily guess the inspiration arises from Marvel/Dc but Raj comics did phenomenal job to provide the essence of India in these characters. Whenever i started talking about these heroes many Indians started like "ohhh....this one is the rip off of that" but doesn't same happen between Marvel and Dc. I'm not saying that all the characters are rip off but you might fell the similarity between these characters and Marvel/DC counter-parts.

1. Super-Commando Dhruv ( Meaning of Dhruv is Pole star) - Batman (skills) / Robin (Origin)

In August 2011, The Boston Globe ran a feature on non-American comic book superheroes. They analysed comic book superheroes belonging to seven different nationalities which included Captain Canuck of Canada, Eden Fesi of Australia, Super Inframan of China, Zooman: El Hombre Mosca - a Mexican superhero, Superboy - a French superhero, Jabbar-The Powerful of Saudi Arab and Dhruva representing Indian comics. Not only did the character receive positive reviews from the columnist, but he also rated Dhruva the highest among the seven heroes awarding him a rating of 8 out of 10. Spanish writer Chris Wright summed up the review for Dhruva - "It's hard to find fault with Super Commando Dhruva - he is completely nuts in the best possible way."(source wikipedia)

Yes its true its hard to find a fault in super commando Dhruv either from his origin to his fighting techniques, in every sector he's the most logical superhero i have ever seen. He always use Normal people intellect in such a manner that he's able to easily defeat its biggest foe. Either from an Underworld lord to the Ninja clan , he's awesome. Well due to his intellect power he can be comparable to Batman but those who like Light atmosphere in comics - Dhruv is a better option for them.

Dhruv was born to a couple who worked as trapeze artists in Jupiter Circus. He received most of his martial art, acrobatic, and stunt training in the circus itself. At the age of 14, having lost his parents in a conspiracy that arose out of a business rivalry, he swore to fight against crime for the rest of his life. Eventually he was adopted by the then Superintendent of Police Rajan Mehra.

I think he'as the richest Villain in whole "Raj Comics Universe" , Richest complication in Love-Life. Dhruv is very witty , Funny, Logical and very audience friendly character. He can talk with Birds, Dolphins , Horses etc. He can use any situation to his advantage often noticing things in any given environment which can turn into weakness of enemy. This characteristic make him fit for normal situations to supernatural situations and the most important thing he doesn't have nay Alter Ego which increases my interest for this character.

2. Nagraaj (Meaning - King of snakes) - No one 

(Taken inspirations from many other characters but has a solid explanation behind those powers)
Well Nagraj is the poster boy for poster boy for Raj comics or we can say same as superman for Dc and Iron Man for Marvel. Indian is the land of snakes and mysticism , Snakes are personified in many religions and have their different forms. These whole stories are used to create Nagraj . The origin center of the powers is crores of snakes living inside his body and venom. Do you know snakes are known for Hypnosis also and telepathy. he often increases his power by meditation. He's the most powerful in whole Raj comics universe. He doesn't wear and suit and often leaves his epidermis like snakes.

The origin of Nagraj is one of the best origin i have ever heard - Started with the birth in a land of humanoid snakes which let him be a meta-human already but further met with Lab experiments which increase his powers by increasing the production of snake like creatures instead WBC's which also effects his healing capabilities positively. Several mystic teachers help him to learn how to use different type of snakes like rattle snakes and special kind of snake whose venom freeze your blood and nerves and so on. These power keep increases with time like he can turn into atomic form just for a sec and Hypnosis. He was presented as the creation of an evil professor Nagmani as a "Killing Machine" but with times passes he started regaining his memories.

Dhruv and Nagraj often Team-up and their's duo is comparable with "ironman- Captain America" and "Batman-Superman" . Nagraj is directly effected by the Hindu Mythology and one of the most Mystic character in whole comic book industry. For me its unable to explain and wikipedia page on his name is just a preview nothing else. Just like Clarke kent and peter Parker he's a reporter because he wants a job which keep him close to the needy people because according to him problem always give signs before it comes .

3. DOGA ( Meaning "word is connected with Dogs" ) - Punisher ( Not really)

Dear people if you think Punisher is Brutal then you are joking. Doga is one of the most popular character due to its brutality ( children love brutality nowadays). he believes upon killing problem than to solve them again and again but many times his tragic past stops him from killing and most of the times motivates him to kill. Doga fights against corruption. He's known for his brutality and the reason behind that brutality is his tragic childhood. In his childhood his fight starts from an orphanage where he accepted another small girl as his sister but later his life send him in the clutches of bandits. One night he was beaten till death due to some robbery where Dogs took care of him. Later he was adopted by a Gym Trainer "Adrak Chacha (uncle) " . There Doga was secretly trained in weapons and Martial arts . Every story of doga starts with the darkness of his childhood under the shed of Nights. Dogs helps Doga to hide his weaponry in cases and he use sever lines mainly to travel. Well his past include many other R- Rated brutality but i have mentioned the main points.

The neo-noir feel of Doga is closely comparable with batman but batman works upon his detective skills while Doga many times use brute force fear and Blood to solve crimes but have all the traits of a detective comics Ex. Sin city. His alter ego is Suraj a Gym trainer.

4. KOBI-BHERIYA ( Man-Wolfs) - (violent Tarzen and Warewolf)

The god of the jungle born as an crossbreed of human and wolf 50,000 years ago. The mother of Kobi Found that the ruler of Wolfano, Kobi's father cheated his mother she cursed Kobi. Later the destruction of planet happens and one day Kobi without and memory found himself on Earth in the jungle of Assam. Kobi learns fighting techniques from a guru, Bhatiki. Now Kobi is skilled in many ancient martial art form but his past memories creates conflict between right or wrong. Due to the effect of Phobos and Mobos powers, the animal Kobi separates from his body and Bheriya is left as an highly skilled human.

VITAL STATISTICS(Original Bheriya):
Height- 8'0 Weight- 154 kg.
Height- 8'0 Weight- 138 kg,
Kobi could lengthen his tail to any desired length at wish and use it as a potent weapon or aid. In times of extreme crises he invokes wolf Gods and a fearsome mace materializes in his hand to smash the enemy,which comes upon calling the word "madad" that means help. When in need Kobi can also call for help of an army of wolves,circumcising his area.
VITAL STATISTICS(Bheriya- Human Part): The Intelligent. 
Height- 6'6 Weight- 122 kg.
Bheriya is a fearsome warrior having inherited all the fighting skills from the original Kobi. Bheriya is also a master of many ancient tricks and fighting skills and many a times he has beaten Kobi too. There are many differences among Kobi and Bheriya. Bheriya is very wise,kind and of human nature while Kobi is wild, mischievous, aggressive and in fit of anger he goes mad.

Kobi is separated into KOBI- BHERIYA
well this cover is from early 90's
well this cover is from early 90's
If you think this comic is too serious then you are totally wrong because Kobi-Bheriya fights due to a girl. Kobi is brutal but he's funny. This characters also contains lots of mysticism either due to their origin or due to their villains. All tribal people love Bheriya because he's sensitive and helpful but hate Kobi. But they have to cajole Kobi every time otherwise he'll become furious upon them. These character might inspired by the look of a warewolf but first time a separate entity of Man-wolf and the relation between them come in light. They Both Often Merge into one due to some serious problems against the Jungle but again when they get separated , Back to their original route.

5. Bhokal - Original , inspired from Indian Short Stories.

Bhokal is a legendary winged warrior prince of a fictional fabled fairyland. He descended to earth on a private mission and landed in Vikasnagar, becoming a zealous defender of interests of Vikasnagar. He carries a sword which is deadliest weapon in the world. He has physic power gained after his deceased wife. he often consider as a time traveler also. His villains have many Epic religious book Baddies and the era effects the formation of human history due to the actions of Bhokal. His problems basically related with the same kind of problem of a fallen Angle. He married three times but send back to various other place and then again overcoming the same problems in the search for a place for Himself.


Well friends there are many other heroes but i explained my favorite. I'll provide the pic of other and if you people interested in those characters also then i'll surely explain. That's my effort to tell about Indian comic industry also because it maybe small but that's all due to lack of resources. Even i consider Indian industry Far better than others except Japenese and American. Please tell your favorite characters and expressed your opinion about the explained and unexplained ones.