Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Orange Radius

Orange Radius Arts to Launch Graphic Novel Parshu: Origins’ at Comic Con Express Hyderabad
Jumpstarted this year and founded by Raveesh, Mumbai based Orange Radius Arts is gearing up to launch their debut graphic novel ‘Parshu: Origins’ at the Comic Con Express Hyderabad edition slated on 21st-22nd of this month.
A 40 page story revolving around an Indian superhero, ‘Parshu: Origins’, written and edited by Raveesh, narrates the origins of the rise of a superhero warrior.
So what’s the catchy aspect of ‘Parshu Origins’?  Raveesh shares withAnimationXpress.com, “I’ve been an ardent reader of comics and wanted to create a blend of contemporary Indian superhero with a mythological connect, which I believe is the heart of this graphic novel.”
Published by Orange Radius Arts, targeted at 14 plus age group, the story line of this English graphic novel has a young boy in an Indian city growing up like you and me and how an incident changes his ‘regular’ life leading to a series of events unleashing his superhero abilities.
Adds more on the look and feel, “Mix of traditionally blended craft in a contemporary setting is a must watch in this graphic novel.”
In March this year, team strength of 6 at the studio started working on the graphic novel.  Origins is the first edition in Parshu graphic novel series and promises to establish connect between you and the super hero.
“We are releasing a series of this graphic novel which will keep taking the story forward.” shares more.
For bringing out research for this graphic novel, the team studied varied comics books, styles of Indian and International comic book publishers
Informs more on the research carried out, “We were following Comic Con seasons and connecting with youths to understand their tastes and incorporate their preferences.”
Raveesh feels that comic reading culture in India has declined and he wants to revive it with his comic blends having an Indian connect. Also, the studio aspires to create full length animation feature based on their comics.
One challenge that Raveesh came across while developing the book, was creating a balance between the superhero stylish, slick look of the protagonist and his alter ego character which should look believable.
Price range of ‘Parshu Origins’ will be revealed at Comic Con Hyderabad after which it will be available to purchase at Flipkart.
You can log on to the official page of Orange Radius Arts to know more about its upcoming releases.

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