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10 Female Superheroes

A Feminist Ranking of 10 Female Superheroes

Most of the iconic super-heroines that have emerged in the 40s and the 50s, in the likes of Supergirl and Wonder Woman, have been created by male writers so as to cater to a primarily male audience. By the 60s and the 70s, during the second wave of feminism, there were some major improvements to the female characters even though there was a lack of female writers. And with the general perception that the comics cannot be catered to a female audience, there was this primary idea that “every woman is the weakest member in the whole superhero team”. Even amongst these several errors in representation of the female hero, Marvel does have a huge roster of female superheroes, such as Thor, Elektra, Black Widow and Gamora.
So, amidst the numerous comic book titles which feature the female heroes, for an amateur, it gets real hard to pick out the specific ones. For starters, this one is a list entailing the major female characters that have been in the running for a number of decades.
So, here is the listing of the primary female superheroes in kind:-
#10: Carol Danvers
Now, there might be a bit more emphasis upon the character of Captain Marvel, but she easily ranks as one of the best female superheroes. Even before she had gained her powers of flight and shooting energy beams via an alien explosion, her profession as an Air Force pilot was simply a standout characterization. She was a dynamic woman who could easily kick ass, even without harboring any sort of superpowers. Her place of residence is set at the top of the Statue of Liberty and she is best buddies with Spider-Woman. Being a member of the Avengers, she often jets off into space accompanied by her cat, Chewie (which is a slight homage to Star Wars). She also tends to watch over the Guardians of the Galaxy during their rogue adventures. And with a solo movie coming out by 2018, she easily comes forward as one of the strongest female characters in the comic books.
One other fact to be noted is that Captain Marvel was initially a male character. But with the female counterpart taking over the role, there was absolutely no changes made to costume to show off her assets. Nope; she doesn’t over that route!
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#9: Sonja
Red Sonja is presented as the Viking warrior queen that comes across as the ideal female character. Having been featured since the year 1934, she is one character, who has a wide array of sword skills. Now, you have to keep this in mind that she had arrived on the scene way before Wonder Woman got to brandish her lasso, in the issues of Conan and then went on to have her own solo series. She can be easily described as “mayhem, blood, sex and red hair”.
It is quite easy to catch up to all of her story arcs, since its kind of a standalone story. And there is no unnecessary fan service. She dons that bikini, only because it aids her fighting style.
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#8: Kate Kane
Kate Kane is one character who doesn’t go for the easy fan service shots. She comes from the army donning her sturdy boots. She is one who has left the military so as to hide her sexuality. Its her power and finances that help her assume the role of Batwoman, who just has the best hair in the entire Bat family.
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#7: Alana

Alana is one who is caught in between an intergalactic war. She has fallen in love with Marko, and begets a child who is the narrator himself. But here is where the huge twist is brought forward- Marko takes up on the oppositional side of the war. And now all three of them have to go to great lengths, as they test the limits of each other, bringing out an all-new tale akin to a tale of Romeo and Juliet!
Saga is itself a tale riddled in between two star-crossed lovers, who have their sights on their family.
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#6: Hannah, Violet, Dee, and Betty

Now these characters would feel like a bunch of best friends caught in a vicious world of dungeons and dragons. All of the three main characters are incredibly foul-mouthed: Hannah is a Necromancer with a tendency to do more evil than good, Violet is one dwarven warrior who resorted to shave of her entire beard, Betty is a Halfling thief who just gets high all the time and Dee is one human cleric who deals with the trauma of having escaped a Cthulhu worshipping cult. Rat Queens is one such series which induces hard-hitting humor, without worrying about any repercussions.
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#5: Doreen Green

Squirrel Girl is a character who is just made out of ridiculous proportions. She is one superhero who has been endowed with the abilities of a squirrel. She comes about as the funniest hero you could ever imagine, as she prances about in college with her pet squirrel Tippy Toe. She hides her squirrel tail in her pants, and she also has a reputation of defeating Galactus. She has actually defeated Thanos single-handedly too.
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#4: Barbara Gordon

After recovering from a spinal injury accident after almost three years, she dons a leather jacket and a cape as she fights crime in Burnside. You should immediately go for it, as you are guaranteed to get hooked into it.
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#3: Buffy Summers

After eight long seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this series follows the life of Buffy Summers as she leaves the remains of SunnyDale in her wake.
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#2: Suze

Suze is a character who can freeze time during her orgasms. In here, she wanders around “The Quiet”. She then meets Jon who can do the same thing, and they later sexploit their abilities. This series is downright crude and vulgar, which keeps it consistently interesting throughout.
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#1: Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan is a Muslim Pakistani American girl residing in Jersey City, who is incredibly obsessed with the Avengers. One night, as she walks through a mystical fog, she is bestowed with the powers of shape-shifting and healing. As she learns the ways of a superhero from here on in, the tale embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

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