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5 Reasons To Get Matt Kindt's New 'Dept. H' #1,

5 Reasons To Get Matt Kindt's New 'Dept. H' #1, From Dark Horse Comics' Mind MGMT Creator!

By Jorge Solis ( | Apr 20, 2016 07:00 PM EDT
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Dept. H #1
(Photo : Dark Horse Comics) We have 5 Reasons you should read Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt's new 'Dept. H' #1 (From Dark Horse Comics)!
Dark Horse Comics releases its new undersea murder mystery series, Dept. H. This is the perfect opportunity why readers should check out the latest comic bookDept. H #1, from writer/artist Matt Kindt, the creator of Mind MGMT.
According to the Dark Horse Comics synopsis, the first installment follows Mia, who happens to be a special investigator. All of a sudden, Mia finds herself hired to uncover a possible sabotage taking place at a deep-sea research station. Away from the surface, what Mia finds is a mind-blowing crime scene filled with suspects with terrible secrets, strange deep-sea creatures, and an impending flood.
We Have 5 Reasons why you should read Dept. H #1 here:
5) He Wrote Mind MGMT!!
The Mind MGMT comic book series lasted 36 issues, containing enough must-read material for six volumes. In the first installment, Meru, a true crime writer, searches for the truth behind a mysterious airline flight. Mer finds self fighting to stay alive as she runs from a secret government agency of super spies, espionage, and psychic abilities. And that's just the first issue! Hell yeah I want to know what Matt Kindt has in store with his next project!
4) We Have A Female Protagonist!
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kindt describes Mia, "She's based on several Indian friends that I've known over the years, and I really wanted to explore a character with a different cultural identity than characters I've tackled in the past. I think the themes of family and women in roles of authority (and not) were also things that sort of came up naturally as I was writing the series."
3) The Colors! The Colors!
If you have read Kindt's previous works, such as PistolwhipSuper Spy, and Sisters, then fans know a large part of his illustration work is distinguished by water colors. This time around, Dept H was a collaborative effort with his wife, Sharlene. You have to see see how Sharlene's water colors add a flair of mystery and suspense to the undersea atmosphere.
2) It's Under The Sea!
You know what's worse than being stranded in space? Being trapped underwater! Imagine drowning in closed-in spaces! Imagine all that water entering your lungs and you cannot even scream for help!
1) Best Whodunit Ever!
The best kind of whodunits lay out tons of suspects for their audiences. As the reader in Dept H, you're guessing along with Mia, figuring out who's the culprit among the red herrings.
Dept. H #1 arrives in stores April 20, 2016.
Readers are you excited to add Dept. H #1 to your comic book collection?

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